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Interventions in Pediatric Dentistry: Open Access Journal

Mini Review(ISSN: 2637-6636)

The Use of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) at Dentistry

Volume 4 - Issue 3

M Murat Gozubuyuk*

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    • Lecturer, Department of Dentistry, Beykent University, Turkey

    *Corresponding author:M Murat Gozubuyuk, Lecturer, Department of Dentistry, Beykent University, Turkey

Received: July 18, 2020;   Published: July 31, 2020

DOI: 10.32474/IPDOAJ.2020.04.000189

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If we can establish good communication with the patients who do not go to dental clinics gladly and behave timid, it will take us to the success. Since, the right communication between people makes everything easy. We can use NLP for receiving these signals, understanding the body language and all human relations. Linguistic scientist John Grinder and Mathematician Richard Bandler have taken an example of three people, who have excelled with special abilities at their fields, and have found out that all three have used interestingly similar patterns although they have different attitudes. Later, they have modeled the other people who has perfect performance like Anthropology Gregory Bateson and have prepared a book to use these methodologies. At the NLP, “N” stands for our neurologic system, “L” stands for use of language and “P” stands for coding our experiences and using them at decision-making. We can examine preparing our personal map by changing our filters with the help of NLP. Every individual has different map so, it is necessary to try to understand the world maps belong to other individuals, or rather to understand and accept, appreciate. In order to achieve success in relationship, the person at other side of you must trust you. The language using is very important, all we use the same language however the words we select may awake negative impact on the patients (Figures 1-5). NPL is a wide-scope communication model. Each person has a (genital) private area. Dentist office is a scary and different environment equipped with unusual instruments and to where people do not go frequently. This bothers the patients, especially the children. The first task surely belongs to the parents for preparation of the children to the treatment. To prepare the children coming to the clinic with prejudgment to the treatment requires too much patience and effort. Greeting the patient with smiling face and warmly, namely first impression, is crucial. The clinic should be introduced to the child patient, the information regarding why the treatment is necessary and what will happen should be given, the questions of the child should be listened in a great attention and right answers should be given. Heads and eyes should be on the same level when talking to the child. Does every method efficient every time at NLP? No, sometimes the success may not be achieved with one try, another technique is applied at second session, the patterns should be individual after familiarizing the person. The picture of own personality of a person consists of many pieces like a puzzle. The NLP specialist provides to form a pretty picture by combining these pieces harmonically. The eliminates the fears of the person by providing to think from different aspects. Fear arises at subconscious to protect the person. NLP specialists can recover the patients from these fears after few sessions.

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