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Lupine Publishers strives hard towards the spread of scientific knowledge, and the credibility of the published article completely depends upon effective peer reviewing process. Reviewing of manuscript is an important part in the process of publication. Reviewers are asked to make an evaluation and provide recommendations to tramadol online next day delivery ensure the scientific quality of the manuscript is on par with our standards. Reviewers are not expected to rewrite a paper. Biomedical Journal reviewers are requested to provide authentic, positive review comments and critics for the respective manuscript. A reviewer has to review the articles received from the editorial office or the editor within the specifically mentioned timeline.

Manuscript reviewers for Lupine Publishers are essential in helping to publish accurate, informative, and inventive articles geared toward the interests of undergraduate and graduate students. The Lupine Publishers relies upon the knowledge and expertise of its reviewers to ultimately decide which Manuscripts will be published in the Journal/Publication/ paper. Reviewing Manuscripts is an important first step in the publication process.


  • After receiving the invitation, reviewer is requested to intimate their availability to complete the review in given time.
  • One can intimate us your opinion of accepting or declining the invitation. If you are not able to accept the invitation you can suggest any of your colleagues, so that respective editor may invite that person to review and you may not transfer your invitation.
  • Articles are assigned based on the research interests of the reviewer. They can approach the assigned editorial office, if the manuscript is beyond their expertise.
  • After assigning manuscript reviewer can contact the editorial office if there is any problem regarding time or conflict of interest, based on that the reviewer may extend the deadline or cancel the review assignment.
  • Reviewer should have a look at the assigned manuscript, whether the paper fits within the stated scope of the journal or not. Reviewers should not be biased or partial while reviewing the manuscript.
  • They should evaluate the manuscript within the provided timeline in order to facilitate timely completion of the review process.
  • During the review process, if you find that the research paper does not fit into the scope of interest, you may intimate the editorial office.
  • Reviewers are not entertained to discuss about the paper with respective author(s).
  • We request reviewers not to use the information of the manuscript for their own use and to protect it from any sort of violation.
  • Criticism should be presented dispassionately and offensive remarks are not acceptable.
  • Confidential remarks to be done and you can advise the editor for acceptance, rejection or modification. Their cheap tramadol online overnight delivery comments and reviews must never be influenced by the race, religion, nationality, ethnicity, language, origin, gender or any political agencies.
  • If you are interested to join as a reviewer for our journals, kindly mail us your CV along with journal of interest to We will respond to you within 24 hours.


  • Associate Editors can be promoted as Editors, Executive editor and Senior Editor in the concerned journal based on their active participation as well as their on their experience.
  • Based on their valuable contributions and their efficiency there is a chance to serve as a prominent member of advisory board.
  • The review comments that are given by the editors will be strictly followed, after which the authors will be requested to modify their manuscript according to their suggestions/comments.
  • Lupine Publishers Journals consider Editorials as a note to the young researchers and scholars.

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