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ISSN: 2637-6636

Interventions in Pediatric Dentistry: Open Access Journal

Mini Review(ISSN: 2637-6636)

Cleft Lip and Palate: The Unsolicited Streak

Volume 4 - Issue 5

Chritson1, Sibgatullah2, Jayesh3, Karthik D Yadav4* and Aklanta Kumar Gogoi5

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    • 1Master of Dental Surgery, Department of Cons & Endo, Dental Enclave, Bangalore.
    • 2Master of Dental Surgery, Department of oral & maxillofacial surgery, Advanced Dental Hospital, India
    • 3Master of Dental Surgery, Assistant Professor, Department of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, Hazaribagh College of Dental Sciences, India
    • 4Master of Dental surgery, Assistant Professor, Department of oral medicine and radiology, KGF College of Dental Sciences, India
    • 5Department of oral & maxillofacial surgery, Dental Enclave, India

    *Corresponding author: author: Karthik D Yadav, Master of Dental Surgery, Assistant Professor, Department of Oral Medicine and Radiology, Dental Enclave, India

Received: October 08, 2020;   Published: October 16, 2020

DOI: 10.32474/IPDOAJ.2020.04.000198

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Cleft palate is the third most common congenital deformity subsequent to clubfoot and the cleft lip. It may be either unilateral or bilateral and is either complete or incomplete. A multidisciplinary team approach is important to accomplish the various façades pretentiously observed by orofacial cleft. The optimum time of surgical repair is based on the surgeon’s preference, anesthetic risks, co-morbid congenital anomalies, and the apparent psychological impact on the family. Most surgeons repair the cleft lip around 10–12 weeks of age. Cleft palate and lip need early care and attention with a long-term follow-up which requires a team approach involving many specialties.

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