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ISSN: 2637-6652

Modern Approaches in Oceanography and Petrochemical Sciences

Opinion(ISSN: 2637-6652)

Evolutionary Tendencies Parasitic Copepods of Fish

Volume 2 - Issue 1

Kazachenko VN*

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    • Far Eastern State Technical Fisheries University, Vladivostok, Russia

    *Corresponding author: Kazachenko VN, Far Eastern State Technical Fisheries University, Vladivostok, Russia

Received: July 16, 2018;   Published: July 23, 2018

DOI: 10.32474/MAOPS.2018.02.000127

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Parasitic copepods inhabit invertebrates and vertebrate’s animals. They have changed under the influence of parasitic life. Changes affected the body form, the reduction of segments and limbs. They have neoplasms (horns, tree-like processes, bullae, suckers, lamellar lobes, etc.).

Keywords: Parasitic Copepods; Evolution; Invertebrates; Vertebrates; Oligomerization; Plesiomorphic; Apomorphic; Appendages

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