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ISSN: 2644-1403

Global Journal of Anesthesia & Pain Medicine

Mini Review(ISSN: 2644-1403)

How to Excite a Doctor - Remove Pain Without Drugs© Volume 2 - Issue 4

Andrew Hague*

  • Professor of Advanced Medicine, Honorary Fellow of the International Academy of Medical Sciences, United Kingdom

Received: January 23, 2019;  Published: January 28, 2020

Corresponding author: Andrew Hague, Professor of Advanced Medicine, Honorary Fellow of the International Academy of Medical Sciences, United Kingdom

DOI: 10.32474/GJAPM.2020.02.000144

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Stopping pain is now much easier and no drugs are used. Doctors are believing what they see even though they may not fully understand how they caused the cure. Reports on the pancreas from opposite sides of the world; diabetes and cancer. A simple diagnosis for cancer is explained.

Frozen Shoulder

Removing shoulder calcification has already been reported [1], as shown in these two x-rays: (Figures 1&2).

Figure 1: Removing shoulder calcification 1.


Figure 2: Removing shoulder calcification 2.


The doctor had expected to have to surgically remove the calcification with all the side effects, pain, time and cost this involves. To see the calcification “disappear on its own” was an exciting mystery. That it was obviously safe encouraged Dr Srinivas at Ravina Hospital [2] in Chennai to tackle another problem that had been impossible.

Lower Back Pain

The patient was diabetic with a slipped disc and continuously in pain. The lower back pain was tormenting but the patient insisted he did not want surgery, so Cell Sonic was used. The pain went away. To what extent the disc was displaced, I do not know. Maybe the condition is what is generally called lower back pain. The important feature of a Cell Sonic treatment is that is does no harm [3]. If the condition cannot be improved, it will not be made worse and this cannot be claimed by drugs which always have side effects.

Reversing Diabetes

To the surprise of the doctor and delight of the patient, quoting from the report, “the triglycerides have come down. For this gentleman, we have also noticed that his HBA1C also has come down and sugar levels are also under control. We are doing one more blood test today to determine that the previous blood test results are accurate.” By aiming into the lower back, the Cell Sonic pulses were also hitting the Islet Langerhans in the pancreas. In diabetics, the Islets have ceased generating insulin. Cell Sonic had brought them back to life. In other words, the diabetes was reversed. Two achievements, one treatment.

Pancreatic Cancer

In the same week, a report arrived from Dr Dickens in Arizona at the Dayspring Cancer Clinic [4] where he has a Cell Sonic covered by an IRB license. His patient also had a pancreas problem; cancer causing severe pain, 8.5 out of 10. Dr Dickens gave a ten-minute treatment to the pancreas and liver. Forty-four days later, the 59-year-old male patient was back again having taken no drugs and the pain was less than one on the pain scale. As the report says, this is remarkable for only a ten-minute treatment without drugs or side effects. To quote, “He is quite pleased with how he is feeling in other ways as well. Tomorrow he is going to see a recommended dentist as a dental issue at #21 tooth may be the cause of why this problem has occurred. Believingly with the dental work and some other modalities he will obtain even greater health benefits.”

Energy Circuits

The significance of the tooth has to be explained. Dr Dickens is not just a fan of Cell Sonic; he follows all the information available and selects the best. Dr Jerry Tennant [5] in Texas, has long since described circuits in the body with each one passing through a tooth. An infected tooth breaks the circuit or adds resistance. This concept was new to me but the more I learned, the more it makes sense, certainly more sense than the notion that we suffer from deficiencies in pharmaceuticals that are poisonous enough to require many years of tests to discover all the side effects. At my old age, with some teeth now replaced by titanium implants, and still being fit and well, I questioned how the inevitable break in a circuit has not impaired my health. The answer seems to be that the nerves, for it is they that carry the current, re-form a circuit where they can, and they will when there is no infection to prevent the process. The pancreatic cancer patient had a circuit interrupted by an infected tooth. The supposition is that his health was impaired by the break in the circuit which led to the cancer and other issues. Just stopping the cancer alone would not be enough. The root cause of the problem had to be found and corrected and it was very likely the infected tooth.

Checking for Cancer with a Pendulum

An additional trick that Dr Dickens learned from Dr Tennant was how to find cancer with a pendulum. I had heard of this being done some years ago and thought it was only possible by people with the gift of healing which is something I accept but do not understand. Until a scientific cause is found, I maintain a polite distance. That cause is becoming apparent. Cancer we know is an electrical fault [6]. The voltage across the membrane of a cell is -15 MV for cancer and -75 MV for healthy cells. Electricity is energy which is detectable by a small pendulum held over the suspected part of the body. You do not need a heavy gold pocket watch. Dr Tennant sells small plastic pendulums for $15 each. Held over healthy tissue, the pendulum will swing clockwise; over cancer it goes in the opposite direction. By this method, Dr Dickens checks his patients and keeps treating the cancer area until he sees a clockwise rotation of the pendulum. By his own admission, Andrew Dickens has no magic powers so what works for him should work for others.


I asked one of the PhD electronics engineers at Cell Sonic what they thought of this notion expecting them to say it had no scientific basis and what they told me was, to me, even stranger. The dried fruit of the rudraksha tree [7], hung on a thread and held over food would swing clockwise if that food was safe for the person holding the rudraksha pendulum to eat. If the person would be poisoned or even allergic, the swing would be anti-clockwise. It takes only a second or two for the pendulum to start to swing. Coming from an engineer who is building Cell Sonic machines, the account is not fiction. We are all on the quest for better medicine. Many discoveries are now established fact and they all began as ideas. Here we see the next step taking shape. There are no dangers or side effects and the costs are so low that only those who will lose by not selling drugs will suffer. Cancer is curable. Good, hard working doctors are confirming the results and they are excited.


As I write in January 2020, we have news of a new hospital that has been using Cell Sonic VIPP on many ailments, mostly cancer, and decided to rebrand itself basing its business plan on Cell Sonic. New signs have been erected for this new Cancer Hospital. It will soon need more than one machine. I have seen a video interviewing the owner of the hospital and when I gather more information will write an article. All the charities around the world begging for money to pay for a cure for cancer should now close; Cell Sonic has provided the cure and never received a penny from charity.


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