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ISSN: 2643-6760

Surgery & Case Studies: Open Access Journal

Research Article(ISSN: 2643-6760)

Periareolar Excision of Fibroadenoma Mamma: A Perfect Cosmetic Solution for Benign Breast Tumors in Young Females

Volume 5 - Issue 1

Pankaj Srivastava1*, Shalini Srivastava2* and Ram Jeet Maurya3*

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    • 1Surgery, Om Surgical Center & Maternity Home, Varanasi, India
    • 2Gynecology, Om Surgical Center & Maternity Home, Varanasi, India
    • 3Anesthesiology, Om Surgical Center & Maternity Home, Varanasi, India

    Corresponding author:Pankaj Srivastava, Laparoscopic, Thoracic, Thoracoscopic & VATS Surgeon, Om Surgical Center & Maternity Home, SA 17/3, P-4, Sri Krishna Nagar, Paharia, Ghazipur Road, Varanasi, UP, INDIA. PIN-221007


Received:May 04, 2020   Published: May 19, 2020

DOI: 10.32474/SCSOAJ.2020.05.000203

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Fibroadenoma is a common benign breast tumor of young unmarried girls. Surgical excision is the treatment of choice. In literature, many surgical approaches have been suggested to deal with this condition and evaluated in terms of patient’s satisfaction, esthetic presentation and cosmetic outcome. We herein report a series of thirteen patients who have undergone surgical procedure for the fibroadenoma breast. We applied periareolar incision to excise the fibroadenoma and got satisfactory results in terms of speedy recovery, fine hidden scar mark, no intra/post-operative complication and high level of patient’s satisfaction without compromising the primary goal of the surgical procedure i.e. complete excision of the tumor. We strongly recommend that periareolar incision should be applied to excise benign breast tumors especially fibroadenomas with only caveat of large tumors, very thin breast tissues and peripherally situated tumors.

Keywords: Benign breast tumor; fibroadenoma; periareolar incision; cosmesis; cosmetic; esthetic; Periareolar approach; Areola; nipple-areola; breast lump; Areola; incision; breast; excision; surgical techniques; Multiple fibroadenoma; breast surgery

Abbrevations: FNAC: Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology; BIRADS: Breast Imaging Reporting and Data System; NPO : nil per os (Nothing by mouth); OT : Operation Theater; IV: intravenous; ET tube: Endotracheal Tube; BIRADS: Breast Imaging-Reporting and Data System

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