Lupine Publishers | Open Access Journals Publishers Lupine Publishers is is an online publishing house, which has multidisciplinary, scholarly Open Access journals promoting scientific research via its Peer reviewed articles and by archiving highly standard articles in respective journals. en-us https:// Pollution of Chicken Meat and Its Products by Heavy Metals Fahim Shaltout* December, 2019 The Effects of Breastfeeding on the Process of Tooth and Jaw’s Development Mohammed Karimi* December, 2019 Understanding the machinery of Mycobacteriophage to control infection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis H37Rv using Mycobacterium smegmatis Laxman S Meena* and Manas Gupta Shivangi December, 2019 To the Question of a Mastitis-Like Form of Breast Cancer Shaposhnikov Veniamin Ivanovich* December, 2019 Jejunal Metastasis from Clear Cell Renal Cell Carcinoma Juan Pablo Montemayor-Lozano*, Karla Ivonne Chávez-,Blanco, Rodolfo Morales-Avalos, Matías Salinas-Chapa and Guillermo Elizondo-Riojas December, 2019 Investigation and Optimization of Temperature and Force Behavior in High-Speed Bone Drilling Mohsen Sarparast* and Tohid Jahangirpoor December, 2019 The Character and Destination of Multimorbidity: Reflections for Classification Jose Luis Turabian* December, 2019 Prize in Charge of the Polytraumatized at the Center Hospitalo-Universitaire Mustapha in Algiers Sakraoui R*, Habchi N, Bekralas H, Bouallag M, Ziane H, Maouche H and Guerinik M December, 2019 Multivariate Analysis of Correlates of Under Five Children Malnutrition in Tigray Region, Ethiopia Tigist Tigabie Tesfaye and Berhanu Teshome Woldeamanuel* December, 2019 The Study on Repellent Activities of Four Kinds of Plant Essential Oils LIN Yuanyuan, LIU Liping*, ZHANG Jie and XU Xu December, 2019 https:// Mutual Interplay of Information and Entropy as Quantum Field Robert Skopec* December, 2019 Characteristic Cellular of the Vaginal Epithelium of Llamas (Lama glama) Captive in the State of Jalisco De La Cruz Baltazar Eliab* December, 2019 Acute Corneal Hydrops in a Young Patient withDown Syndrome Mina Abdelmseih* December, 2019 Oculomotor Paresis with Cyclic Spasms: Description of Four Cases and Hypothesis of the Mechanism Haitian Nan and Yun Jing* December, 2019 Intervention of Dream Quality in the Appearance of Concomitant Symptoms in Hospitalized Patients Symptoms in Hospitalized Patients MMC Gabriel Miranda Nava* and Nester Javier Escott Leyva December, 2019 Recent Advances in Smart Materials Categories Ali Hilal Alnaqbi* and Sawsan Dagher December, 2019 The Lichtenstein Plug Technique. The Safe Repair Pedro López Rodríguez*, Pablo G Pol Herrera, Jorge Satorre Rocha, Olga León González, Luis Manuel Danta Fundora, Eduardo Garcia Castillo and Lais Angèlica Ceruto Ortiz December, 2019 Staging Treatment of Atrial septal Defect with Severe Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension: Case Report Feng li*, Liang Fu, Xian Jin, Jinlong Zhao, Yinkai Ni, Zhexin Lu and Zonghui Chen December, 2019 Health Benefits of Camel Milk Iqra Bano*, Shokat Jamal, Mohammed Zeb khan, Hira Sajjad, Changaiz Baloch, and Khurram Shahzad December, 2019 Nitrogen Mineralization Rates in Long-Term Manured Fields Estimated using Lab Incubation Experiment Haiying Tao*, William L Pan and Eric Bietila December, 2019 Two-Dimensional Discriminant Locality Preserving Projections for Crop Leaf Disease Detection Ping Li Hao Yuan Qingqing Zhang* December, 2019 Soil Rhizobia Health: Best Indicator of Eco-friendliness of Human Activity Ramesh Kumar Sharma* December, 2019 To the Moon and Not Back; Full Moon & Fatal Motorcycle Accidents Divya R* and Ashok V December, 2019 https:// Leadership in Medicine and Healthcare: An Overview of the Emerging Concepts and Principles Aamir Jalal Al Mosawi* December, 2019 https:// Evaluation of Free Radicals and Some Other Biochemical Parameters in Leukemia and Β-Thalassemia in Erbil City Pshtiwan Abdulla Yousif, Parween Abdulsamad Ismail* and Avein Fhaithwlla December, 2019 https:// Collateral Histories taken from Patients’ Relatives: Processes, Requirements and Evidence of Discrimination Affifa Farrukh December, 2019 https:// Downs and Ups of Decompression Diving: a Review Wienke BR* and Leary TRO December, 2019 https:// Temporal Variation in the parasitic Metazoan Communities of Sympterygia bonapartii (Condrichthyes)from the Bahia Blanca estuary in Presence of Anthropogenic Impact Guagliardo S*, Schwerdt C, Tanzola D December, 2019 https:// Mycorrhizae’s Role in Plant Nutrition and Protection from Pathogens Mohammad Imad khrieba* December, 2019 Hidden Tale of Pollution: Need of Solution Swathi Gunduluru November, 2019 Impact of Health Education on Knowledge and Preventive Behaviour for Pregnancy Related Issues in Saudi Arabia: A Systematic Review Mutlaq Khelaif Aldhafeeri, Khalid Faisal Alahmadi, Abdulrahman Mohammed Alalyani, Ameen Naeem Makhdoom, Rami Abdullah Abotalib, Talal Jahaz Almutairi and Ammar AL-Farga* November, 2019 https:// Rest in Peace! Gurmeet Singh Sarla* November, 2019 Combined on-Farm Analysis of Management Procedures and Vaccination Protocols: The Way to Maximize the Health of the Herd Ramon Armengol1* and Marta Bassols November, 2019 Analytical Philosophy Amid Orthodoxy: A Tangible Inconsistency in Insight-Oriented Psychotherapies Saeed Shoja Shafti* November, 2019 https:// Primary Lateral Sclerosis, Report of a Case and Bibliography Revision Miranda Nava Gabriel* and García García Luis Gilberto November, 2019 Blood Group-Tea Positive; Anti-Ageing Neurological Effects of Tea in Habitual Tea Drinkers Divya R* and Ashok V November, 2019 https:// Effect of the Regrowth Age on the Chemical Composition, Digestibility and Polyphenol Content of Jatropha Curcas Verdecia DM*, Torres E, Sánchez AR, Álvarez-PerdomoGR, Herrera RS, Ramirez JL, Paumier M, Bodas R, Giraldez FJ, Grizelj J and Lopez S November, 2019 https:// Pre-Operative Diagnose of Inguinal Bladder Hernia: Typical Radiological Findings Camila R T Burity*, Fábio T Ferreira, Edson S Bezerra, Dorival M Duarte, Euclides J Nunes and Ricardo D Saade November, 2019 https:// Objective Structured Examinations as Supplemental Equipment for Amending Emotional Intelligence: A Pilot Survey Saeed Shoja Shafti* November, 2019 Disclosure of the Generation and Accumulation of the Hydrogen in Steel and Graphite Irradiated by Neutrons in Inert Environment Krasikov E* November, 2019