Lupine Publishers | Open Access Journals Publishers Lupine Publishers is is an online publishing house, which has multidisciplinary, scholarly Open Access journals promoting scientific research via its Peer reviewed articles and by archiving highly standard articles in respective journals. en-us An Actual Statistical Problem with Model Selection My Solution Kurt Neumann* August, 2019 Fare Well to Tooth: A Hospital Based Study to Determine the Main Cause for Tooth Extraction Rahul R Bhowate* and Mrunal G Meshram August, 2019 https:// Electrophysiology of The Heart: A Contrast Between Second Generation Antipsychotics Saeed Shoja Shafti* and Parisa Fallah Jahromi August, 2019 Comparison of the Efficacy of Plaque Removal of Listerine Smart Rinse Kids and Vi– One Junior Fluoridated Mouthwash in Children Aged 6 To 10 Years Mohammad Karimi DMD, BS* and Hassan Dehghan DDS August, 2019 https:// Aneurysmal Bone Cyst (ABC) Causing Paraparesis Y Joulali1, F Lakhdar, M Benzagmout, K Chakour, MF Chaoui and Bipin chaurasia* August, 2019 Effect of Rumen Degradable Protein Concentrations on Nutrient Digestibility, Growth Performance and Blood Metabolites in Beetal Kids Muhammad Sharif *, Hammad Qamar and Ayesha Abdul Wahid August, 2019 https:// Add Retention to RPD Using Endodontic Post Majchrowicz M* August, 2019 https:// Methodical Bases of Creation of Maps for Determining the Potential Erosion Hazard of Scolon Lands of the South-East Part of Azerbaijan RAE ZH Aliyev* August, 2019 Salisbury, Novichok and the OPCW Benjamin Ruiz Loyola August, 2019 Getting Rid of "Bomb Pushing the Womb": Dysmenorrhea Management AK Mohiuddin* August, 2019 Implications of EEG and Speech Signal in the Analysis of Neurological Disorders-A Survey Chetan Balaji and D S Suresh* August, 2019 https:// Insecticidal Efficiency of Some Insect Growth Regulators (Igrs) and Plant Oils Against the Seychellarum Mealybug, Icerya Seychellarum and the Striped Mealybug, Ferrisia Virgata Infesting Guava Trees Lamiaa Mohamed HY and Moustafa Bakry MS* August, 2019 Inadvertent Sulfonylurea Overdose and Treatment with Octreotide: A Case Report Kamran Khan and Sameed Qureshi August, 2019 The Effect of Some Natural Fermenters on Growth, Heamatology and Escherichia Coli Infection Control in Weaned Pigs Karaye GP*, AC Kudi, AKB Sackey and MA Raji August, 2019 The Prevention and Treatment of Malaria in Traditional Medicine of Tetun Ethnic People in West Timor Indonesia Maximus M Taek*, Bambang Prajogo EW and Mangestuti Agil July, 2019 Endoscopic Recording (or its Absence): A Disappointment Robert J Shprintzen* and Pablo Antonio Ysunza July, 2019 https:// Alternative Management of Uncomplicated UTIs In Women Abdul Kader Mohiuddin* July, 2019 Skin disorder in pregnancy Myat San Yi*, Mi Mi Khaing and Mon Mon Yee July, 2019 Affordability Issues of Biotech Drugs in Low- and Middle-Income Countries (LMICs) Abdul Kader Mohiuddin* July, 2019 The Paradoxes of Speed from Herodotus To Einstein Patrice F Dassonville July, 2019 https:// Role of the Biological Processes in Soilforming Process and Soil Fertility (Azerbaijan, Shamakhy) Bagirova RF* July, 2019 Preparation and Evaluation of Mefenamic Acid Nanoparticles by Nanoprecipitation Technique Nidha Begum and A Krishna Sailaja* July, 2019 Digito-palmar Dermatoglyphics as Biomarkers of Dental and Medical Disorders Heshmat S W Haroun* July, 2019 Soil and Environment Dustin J Welbourne* July, 2019 A Theoretical Approach to Intercultural Counseling through Social Work Practice Konstantina Sklavou July, 2019 Inguinal Hernias Repair by Laparascopy. Repair of Inguinal Hernias by Laparascopy Olga Caridad Leon Gonzalez, Pedro Rolando Lopez Rodriguez*, Luis Manuel Danta Fundora, Jorge Satorre Rocha, Eduardo Garcia Castillo and Lais Angelica Ceruto Ortiz July, 2019 Net Revenue Determination of Beans Marketers in Imo State, Nigeria Osuji MN July, 2019 Help! Our Tinnitus Patients Want A Drug? Mohamed Salah Elgandy*, Richard Tyler and Claudia Coelho July, 2019 Technology for Hydrogen as Future Energy Carrier Piyush M Maurya* and Kalpana S Deokar July, 2019 Life Losses and Gains in British Korean War Veterans: The Late Life Legacy Deidre Wild* July, 2019 Diagnosis of Excess Bacterial Growth Syndrome in the Small Intestine in Patients with Bauhinia Deficiency and after its Surgical Correction as a Possible Cause of Toxic Endogenous Hepatitis Vladimir Leonidovich Martynov* and Natalia Vladimirovna Kazarina July, 2019 Endometriosis Involving Colon and Rectum: A Literature Review and Laparoscopic Management Abdallah Elsabagh* and Yik Hong Ho July, 2019 https:// Knowledge of the Approach of the Tensional Cephalea, with First Contact Doctors in the Regional Military Hospital of Specialties of Guadalajara, Mexico Miranda Nava Gabriel* and Eladia Estefania Zaragoza Hernandez July, 2019 https:// Potentiation of Activity of Benfotiamine Co Administered with Thyroxine in Diabetes Induced Peripheral Neuropathy in Rats Hariprasad MG*, Rema Razdan and Yasha TC July, 2019 Seismic Strengthening of Masonry Buildings Using Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Polymers Arkady Granovskiy* Bulat Dzhamuev and Oleg Simakov July, 2019 Structural Mapping of Beans (Cowpea) Marketers in Imo State, Nigeria Osuji MN* July, 2019 Do Highly Aggressive Bacteria Cause Dental Caries in Some Children? Mohammed Karimi* July, 2019 An Actual Statistical Problem with Model Selection Kurt Neumann* July, 2019 Regression of The Tensile Strength of Deformable Adhesive From Thermal Insulation Density In The Lightweight Floor System Jacek Karpiesiuk July, 2019 https:// Airway Clearance Index, Gas Exchange and Pulmonary Functions in Obstructed and Restricted Pulmonary Diseases Patients Al-Said A Haffor* and Khaldoon Al-Jernia July, 2019