Lupine Publishers | Open Access Journals Publishers Lupine Publishers is is an online publishing house, which has multidisciplinary, scholarly Open Access journals promoting scientific research via its Peer reviewed articles and by archiving highly standard articles in respective journals. en-us Battle with the Coronavirus Paul TE Cusack* March, 2020 The Composition of Fenugreek Includes A Large Number of Chemical Components Shah Murad March, 2020 Comparison and Evaluation of Freely Supplied Government and Ethically Marketed Antihypertensive Drug (Atenolol) Injamamul Haque*, March, 2020 The Failure Bauhinias Damper as a Possible Cause of Chronic Autointoxication and the Development of Psoriasis Vladimir L Martynov* March, 2020 Replacing A Lateral Incisor Using SMART Base Massa L* and Fraunhofer JAV March, 2020 Role of Specialized Oral Nutrition Supplementation throughout the Continuum of Care Ling Hui Claytor* March, 2020 Elastic Wave Propagation Research on Two-Dimensional Phononic Crystal Structures of W-Silicone Rubber Xiangying Guo, Xiangyang Sun, and Dongxing Cao* March, 2020 https:// A Case Report of Tenosynovial Giant Cell Tumor in an Unusual Location: The Supraclavicular Region Fotini Ieridou*, Gabriel Tsiropoulos and Jannis Constantinidis March, 2020 https:// Agricultural; Provision of Livability or Money? AR Yavari* March, 2020 Physical and Microbiological Quality of Raw Milk Affected by Subclinic Mastitis Cabrera Núñez Amalia*, Lammoglia Villagomez Miguel and Rojas Ronquillo Rebeca March, 2020 Impact of Sustainability on Design and Construction of Civil Engineering Infrastructure Oyedele OA* March, 2020 Vertebral Osteomyelitis Masquerading as Pulmonary Embolism Case Report Moe Ameri* and Demain Omeh March, 2020 Flavonoids as Chemotaxonomic Markers in the Leaves of Plant Family Malvaceae in South Kordofan, Blue Nile and Khartoum States- Sudan Asaad Alsiddig Ahmed, Abdelgabbar Nassir Gumaa, Mahdi Abdelmageed Mohammed and Hatim MY Hamadnalla* March, 2020 Medical Management of Castration Resistant Prostate Cancer (CRPC): Beyond Chemotherapy Ganesh K Bakshi, SK Raghunath, Sudhir Rawal, Ganesh Gopalakrishnan, Sanjai K Addla, Priya J, Suyog C Mehta, Mrinal Borgohain and Rajan Mittal* March, 2020 Mondor Phlebitis (Mondor’s disease) of the Penis: A Review and Update of the Literature Anthony Venyo* March, 2020 Design, Modeling and Indigenous Firmware of Patient Assistance Flexible Robotic System-Type I: Beta Version Debanik Roy March, 2020 https:// Epiplolic Apendagitis: A Diagnosis In Disuse Pedro Nogarotto Cembranel* March, 2020 On a Simple Mathematical Model for Epilepsy Motivated by Networks Ahmed E March, 2020 https:// Radiation-Induced Maxillary Osteosarcoma: A Case Report Phan Huu Ngoc Minh* and Hong Ki Hwan March, 2020 Probing into Dopant Concentration Dependent Luminescence Properties of Transition Metal Mn2+Activated Ca- α-SiAlON Orange-Red Phosphors Ni J, Zhou ZZ, Xu XK, Liu Q*, Shen FR, and He LH March, 2020 https:// How was Like the Paleoenvironment During the Cenomanian Age in the Northeastern Algeria? Bensekhria Aida*, Marmi Ramdane and Yahiaoui Abdelouahab March, 2020 The Ether as Teflon Paul TE Cusack* March, 2020 Giant Pedunculated Lipoma Over Left Upper Limb: An Unusual Case Report Harsh Rajeev Mehta*, Payal Salvi1, Sarojini P Jadhav and Suresh R Harbade March, 2020 Mechanical Properties Study of Copper/Stainless Steel Dissimilar Weld Joints Yogesh Singla* and Rakesh Joshi March, 2020 The Ether and The Electrical Universe Paul TE Cusack* March, 2020 Mucoepidermoid Carcinoma; Clinical Case Report Miranda Nava Gabriel*, Gallo Frias Luis Gilberto, Pimentel Diaz Alejandro Yami and Ginger Ramirez Diana Guadalupe March, 2020 https:// The Role of Water-Food-Energy Nexus in Achieving Sustainable Agriculture Jacques Ganoulis* March, 2020 Time Impact on Spatio -Temporal Density of Microbial Air Contaminants in the Dewatering Zone of Smallholder Gari Processing Facility in the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria Enetimi Idah Seiyaboh, Glory Richard and Sylvester Chibueze Izah* March, 2020 A Multifunctional and Living Landscape as a Key to Sustainable Cities Clergeau Philippe A* March, 2020 https:// Transoral Robotic Resection of Lingual Thyroid Kalpana Nagpal*, Noor Ul Din Malik, Shaili Priyamvada, and Kamal Goyal March, 2020 The Presence of Overweight and Obesity among a Sample Taken from High school Number 7 under Universidad De Guadalajara and a Comparison to the Presence of Obesity and Overweight in Mexico Miranda Nava Gabriel*, Gallo Frias Luis Gilberto, Pimentel Diaz Alejandro Yami and Ginger Ramirez Diana Guadalupe March, 2020 Geomorphology of Badland in Golbaf Playa, SE Iran Somayeh Zahabnazouri* March, 2020 Vulnerability and Cost Analysis of Heterogeneous Smart Contract Programs in Blockchain Systems Wan Yeon Lee March, 2020 Survey of results regarding the energetic balance for some motions of Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluids C Fetecau March, 2020 https:// Management of Neonatal Teeth: Two Case Reports Claudia Lobelli Chandler, Manoelito Ferreira Silva Junior*, Maria da Conceição Pereira Pinto Solano and Isabelita Duarte Azevedo March, 2020 A Giant, Deceptive Cervical Polyp Mounia Bennani* March, 2020 Sustainable Desalination of Seawater via Reverse Osmosis using Polymeric Membranes Hemangi Kabra, Shubham Joshi, Saurabh Nigade, Sagar Chaudhari and Balasubramanian Kandasubramanian* March, 2020 https:// Scoping Review of Dental Anxiety among Children and Adolescents in Saudi Arabia Abdullah Ali H Alzahrani* March, 2020 A Novel Fuzzy Trajectory Tracking Control Design for Wheeled Mobile Robot Chen Yung Hsiang March, 2020 Modeling and Analysis of LTE Downlink System – 3GPP Farhan Alta F March, 2020