Lupine Publishers | Open Access Journals Publishers Lupine Publishers is is an online publishing house, which has multidisciplinary, scholarly Open Access journals promoting scientific research via its Peer reviewed articles and by archiving highly standard articles in respective journals. en-us Survey of Mite Species Inhabiting Animal Production Farm at Sohag Governorate, with Checklist of Mites Existing Manure and Dung Hills in Egypt Desoky ASSa* June, 2020 A Brief Overview to TNF-a Inhibitors Therapy on Covid-19: Functions Inside Cell Cascades Serife Yerlikaya* June, 2020 Propofol - In One-Day Surgery in Children Nasibova EM* June, 2020 The Use of Tin Plague in The Analysis of Pure Tin Styrkas AD* June, 2020 Identity Theory and Conflict Rodolfo Montecinos Ohlagaray* May, 2020 The Hierarchyand Central Place Patterns of the Chalcolithic Sites in the Bakhtiari Highlands, Iran Mohsen Heydari Dastenaei* May, 2020 Southern Patagonian archaeologicalsites (47°-49 S; 72° W, Argentina)as pollen Records: Pollen Preservation Analysis Considerations for Accurate Palaeoenvironmental Reconstructions María Alejandra Marcos*, Florencia Paula Bamonte, Marcos Emanuel Echeverria and María Virginia May, 2020 Diversity of Food-Borne Pathogens Isolated from Raw Meat Sample Taqdees Malik*, Nazish Mumtaz Ali and Aziz Fatima May, 2020 Telemedicine Services at Rawalpindi Medical University: An Initiative to Optimize Healthcare of the Patients During COVID-19 Pandemic Rizwana Shahid*, Muhammad Umar, Shazia Zeb, Naeem Akhtar, Syed Muhammad Ali, Syed Iqbal Haider, Narjis Zaidi, Muhammad Ahmed and Hassan Ahmad May, 2020 https:// Penetrating Cranial Trauma Following an Assault by Knife Youssef Joulali*, Faycal lakhdar, Benzagmout Mohammed, Khalid Chakour and Chaoui el faiz Mohammed May, 2020 Some Remarks about the Influences of Astronomical Phenomena on Islamic Architecture “Analytical and Applied Study on Selected Religious Architectural Models in Cairo” Ghadeer Dardier Afify Khalifa* May, 2020 Strength Improvement and Interface Characteristic of Dissimilar Metal Joints for TC4 Ti Alloy to Nitinol NiTi alloy Yan Zhang*, DeShui Yu, JianPing Zhou, DaQian Sun and Hong Mei Li May, 2020 Phytochemical and Antioxidant Activities of Different Fractional Extracts of Alstonia Scholaris Linn Md Abdul Kaium Siddiki and Md Shahidul Islam* May, 2020 Continuous Spinal Anaesthesia: Forgotten Technique of Regional Anaesthesia: A Case Report Bikash Khadka* and Prajjwal Raj Bhattarai May, 2020 Mesenteric Fibromatosis Simulating a Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumor: A Rare Cause of Intestinal Obstruction Rasoaherinomenjanahary Fanjandrainy*, Rakotondrainibe Aurélia, Razafindrainibe Tanjonirina, Nomenjanahary Lalaina, Tolotra Emmanuella Christina, Solo Corinne, Andriantsoa Mirana Jocya and Samison Luc Hervé May, 2020 Cytoprotective Effect of Zingiber Officinale extract on Alcohol Induced Gastric Lesion in Mice Samia Elzwi* and Amina Elzwi May, 2020 An Overview of Preliminary COVID-19 Cases Admitted in Rawalpindi Institute of Urology & Transplantation Pakistan Shazia Zeb*, Muhammad Umar, Rizwana Shahid, Qaiser Aziz, Muhammad Omar Akram, Muhammad Khurram, Khalid Randhawa and Muhammad Ahmed May, 2020 Risk Assessment of Type 2 Diabetes Among Population of Rawalpindi Pakistan Rizwana Shahid* May, 2020 Non-Invasive Ventilation in the Treatment of Acute Respiratory Failure with COVID-19 Nasibova EM* and Pashaev CN May, 2020 https:// When Scripts of Nationalisms are not Celebrated: Scenario of Recent Violence in India Thomas M John* May, 2020 https:// Serpent King Zahhak, a Reality or a Myth? Theorysfields of Literature and Archeology Hassan Kamali Dowlat Abadi, Mohammad Sadegh Davari* and Hammed Hoseini Rezaei May, 2020 Periareolar Excision of Fibroadenoma Mamma: A Perfect Cosmetic Solution for Benign Breast Tumors in Young Females Pankaj Srivastava*, Shalini Srivastava and Ram Jeet Maurya May, 2020 Cyber Hybrid Warfare: Asymmetric Threat Christos Beretas* May, 2020 Epidemic Prediction on Bionical Intelligent RGV Jinming Cao, Bin Zhao* and Mingzhe E May, 2020 The Copolymerization of CO2 and Cyclohexene Oxide, Catalyzed by a Tridentate Schiff Base Chromium(III) Complex Adrian Pap, Mark Esposito, James D Woodyard, David R Khan and Jason C Yarbrough* May, 2020 Hydro-Agriculture Prototype: Multiple Use of Water Resource In Nepal Abhinav Gauli*, Shivesh Shrestha and Sujal Lama May, 2020 Familial Mediterranean Fever: What associations to screen for? (A Review) Salem Bouomrani* and Ines Masmoudi May, 2020 An Extensive Review of Patient Satisfaction with Healthcare Services in Bangladesh Abdul Kader Mohiuddin* and Nasirullah M May, 2020 Bioactive Materials Opportunity and Challenges in Dentistry Luis Alonso Calatrava Oramas* May, 2020 Knowledge and Practice of Nurses regarding standard precautions in Public Tertiary Care Hospital Peshawar, KP, Pakistan Muslim Shah May, 2020 Factors Associated with Anaemia among Women of Childbearing Age in Ethiopia Gizachew Gobebo*, Belema Hailu, Bizunesh Kefale and Gudeta Aga May, 2020 The Risk Management and its Importance in Medical Crisis Evangelia Michail Michailidou* May, 2020 Obstacles to an ICU doctor’s career Evangelia Michail Michailidou* May, 2020 Use of Regional Anesthesia in Patients with Multiple Sclerosis Cassandra Gerhart* May, 2020 Skin Grafts Vs. Local Skin Flaps in Management of Contracted Scar Finger Khaled Noureldin, Ahmed Shalaby* and Marwa Badawi May, 2020 On Extremal Optimization in Honeybee Foraging and Covid-19 Elettreby MF and Ahmed E* May, 2020 Experimental Investigation of Mechanical and Physical Properties of Short Flax Fibres Pulp Reinforced Composites Material Sheet Anupam Kumar, Ramratan* and Rohit Kumar April, 2020 Testicular Torsion in Adolescent: A Dilemma in Early Diagnosis Lead to Infarction of Testis Pankaj Srivastava*, Shalini Srivastava, Dhirendra Ray, Ram Jeet Maurya, Neeraj Arora, Richu Grover and Sagar Srivastava April, 2020 Proposed S.A.M.S. Therapy to Tackle the Coronavirus Mister Seun Ayoade* April, 2020 Rehabilitation Needs of Patients with Covid-19 in Acute Phase Marina Garofano*, Matteo Maria Ascoli, Roberta Palumbo and Mariaconsiglia Calabrese April, 2020