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E-Books offer many potential benefits, to access when and where you want to read. It’s a great way to demonstrate knowledge in a creative way and is much more visually appealing than a white paper. The e-book has become the current standard form to have the research work available to the users. Our Lupine Publishers offers high quality of PDF formats for our scholars to have their work available to the world.

Lightening fast lookup of the required information can now find through e-books as, it’s the hand library available of the users upon one button. We deliver high quality e-print that is viewable on any screen. E-Books are the ones where every individual can afford, as they are freely available with Lupine Publishers. E-Books are embedded with a variety of multi-media elements which are not available with traditional books. Also, audio and video can be implanted to make reading comfortable while accessing the published articles.

Lupine e-Book readers enjoy:

  • A. Popular books of Professionals: can read books of featured professors from worldwide universities.
  • B. Unlimited Downloads: No restrictions for e-book downloads, readers can download once and can circulate the PDF.
  • C. No cost: As this is an open access publication no cost is charged for readers and can be kept in the electronic devices like Mobile phones, laptops once after downloading and can used anytime without internet.

*Our author reprints service enables the authors to purchase the hard copies of e-books to their mentioned shipping address and the minimum should be of 50 copies to order reprints.

*There will be extra charges for printing and delivering the e-book hardcopies, which varies according to the number of pages, images of the e-book and the shipping country.

e-Book processing Fee:

The goal of Lupine Publishers in publishing eBooks is to encourage the love of reading and serve as a gateway for professionals reading even more often, especially when they miss their printed books with them. These e-books are handier to read from anywhere.

Pages <50 pages 50-200 Pages 200-500 pages 500 and above pages
Cost 999$ 1399$ 1999$ 500 & above pages

*We provide ISBN Number for each and every e-book published in our Lupine website along with the QR code.

Send us your e-book material to Our representative would get back to you at the earliest.

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