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ISSN: 2637-6679

Research and Reviews on Healthcare: Open Access Journal

Review Article(ISSN: 2637-6679)

On the Treatment of Sars-Cov-2 Including Omicron Type Volume 7 - Issue 2

Sorush Niknamian1*, Somayeh Zaminpira2

  • 1Military Medicine Dep, Liberty University, Lynchburg, VA, USA
  • 2American Beirut University, Lebanon

Received: January 24, 2022   Published: January 28, 2022

Corresponding author: Sorush Niknamian, Military Medicine Dep, Liberty University, Lynchburg, VA, USA

DOI: 10.32474/RRHOAJ.2022.07.000263

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Objective: The aim of this research is to introduce new method of the treatment/control of Omicron Virus and answer some major questions regarding the cure of COVID-19 and the new type: Omicron.
Background: We have selected 24 patients (12 females plus 12 males) aged from 15-64 years of old contaminated severe Omicron virus and used the novel methods on the treatment of these patients.
Introduction: The Omicron variant (B.1.1.529) is a variant of SARS-CoV-2 which was first reported to the World Health Organization (WHO) from South Africa on 24 November 2021. Omicron multiplies around 70 times faster than the Delta variant in the bronchi, but some evidence suggests that it is less severe than previous strains, specifically compared to the Delta variant. Omicron might be less able to penetrate deep lung tissue. Omicron infections are 91 percent less fatal than the delta variant, with 51 percent less risk of hospitalization.
Materials and Methods: The Omicron virus has strongly high rate of mutation compared with other kinds of Coronaviruses and therefore, cause severe symptoms of inflammation in the patients including lungs. In our research, all the patients were under unique control. They received HBO2T with 2% Ozone mixture with Oxygen in special cube. Also, they had an injection of liquid ozone which dramatically decline the inflammation in all tissues. They had under strict diet of special Ketogenic diet to maintain their mitochondria to remain high metabolism to hamper the fatigue and tiredness. The had also gain supplements necessary for the disease.
Results: all the patient showed full recovery in 3 days, but they had fatigue and tiredness which we had to give them MTC oil 30 grams/day and coconut oil 30 grams/day as well which reduced the tiredness of the patients dramatically and remain their metabolism in a normal state. As a whole, all the patients recovered in 7 days without any symptoms including coughing, tiredness, fever and etc.
Conclusion: Using the novel methodology of the treatment of SARS-CoV including Omicron had positive results on the patients. HBO2T plus specific Ozone therapy dramatically reduced the inflammation in all tissues of the patients. This novel method is a breakthrough in the science of Infectious Diseases including Omicron virus.

Keywords: Omicron Virus; SARS-CoV-2; MTC Oil; Ketogenic Diet; Ozone Therapy; HBO2T Therapy

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