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Case Report(ISSN: 2638-6003)

The Terrible Triad Miracle Volume 4 - Issue 4

Vivek Nadipalli and Nikoletta Carayannopoulos*

  • Clinical Associate Professor at the University of Houston School of Medicine, USA

Received: October 24, 2020;   Published:November 05, 2020

Corresponding author: Nikoletta Carayannopoulos, Department West Houston Orthopedics, Address: 12606 W, W. Medical Center Blvd Suite 350, Houston, TX 77082, USA

DOI: 10.32474/OSMOAJ.2020.04.000192


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Introduction: The terrible triad injury of the elbow is a fracture-dislocation injury consisting of a radial head fracture, coronoid fracture and dislocation of the elbow. This injury is relatively uncommon and despite surgical management these injuries often go on to develop various complications.

Case Presentation: Presented is a terrible triad elbow injury of the left elbow in an 18-year-old male. The patient underwent open reduction internal fixation of the elbow and achieved exceptional outcomes. The joint was adequately stabilized through addressing the coronoid fracture and highly comminuted radial head. He was subsequently followed in clinic and placed on a conservative rehab approach.

Conclusion: Despite recent trends, the joint was aggressively stabilized, and the patient was placed through conservative rehab. In this case, the patient was able to achieve satisfactory outcomes in a short period of time.

Keywords: Elbow; Fracture Dislocation; Terrible Triad Injury

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