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ISSN: 2638-6062

Peer Reviewed Journal of Forensic & Genetic Sciences

Opinion (ISSN: 2638-6062)

The Power of Addictions in Mexico

Volume 2 - Issue 2

Gabriel Miranda Nava*

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    • Department of Neurologist and Clinical Neurophysiologist, Centre Military Hospital, Mexico, USA

    *Corresponding author: Gabriel Miranda Nava, Department of Neurologist and Clinical Neurophysiologist, Center Military Hospital, Sotelo, Mexico, USA

Received: September 04, 2018;   Published: September 10, 2018

DOI: 10.32474/PRJFGS.2018.02.000133

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Understanding an addiction simply and simply as that situation or element that cannot be detached due to the superlative gratification that leads us to adhere to that element; it is an exaggerated and pathological attachment, often irreversible, that entails sequels for life and that has many origins either biochemical or mental. Normally when we use the word addiction we refer to the use of “legal” substances, such as alcohol or tobacco, and illegal substances, such as cocaine, marijuana, amphetamines, solvents, etc., which have already become a problem of both health and public safety, for the clandestine sale of these substances. Afterwards, new elements are put on the table for this great family, since we will mention gambling addiction or addiction to gambling, addiction to sex, money, In Mexico, as we have said, unsuspected levels in addictions are already reached, with alcohol as the first example.



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