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ISSN: 2638-6062

Peer Reviewed Journal of Forensic & Genetic Sciences

Case Report(ISSN: 2638-6062)

Pitfalls in the Genetic Identification of Human Remains

Volume 1 - Issue 2

Consoloni Lara1, Gobbo Chiara2, SorçaburuCilieri Solange1, Recchia Elisa1, Fattorini Paolo1 and Edalucci Elisabetta2*

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    • 1Department of Medicine, Surgery and Health, University of Trieste, Italy
    • 2Nuclear Medicine Unit, Azienda Sanitaria Universitaria Integrata di Trieste, Italy

    *Corresponding author: Edalucci Elisabetta, Nuclear Medicine Unit, Azienda Sanitaria Universitaria Integrata di Trieste, Italy

Received: March 06, 2018;   Published: March 14, 2018

DOI: 10.32474/PRJFGS.2018.01.000108

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DNA technology is an irreplaceable tool for the identification of human remains, but the reliability of the ante mortem reference data remains a serious concern. We present here two cases where misleading conclusions could be achieved by using only the genetic profile of the missing person’s father such as reference sample. Nevertheless, when appropriate reference DNA samples (e.g., the maternal samples) became available, certain identifications were achieved as shown by the probability of maternity (> 99.999%). Thus, all these data together show that extra-pair paternity was found by the way, in both cases. Precautions to avoid misleading conclusions are addressed.

Abstract| Introduction| Description of the two cases| Discussion| References|


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