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ISSN: 2637-4692

Modern Approaches in Dentistry and Oral Health Care

Editorial(ISSN: 2637-4692)

The Dental Service of the French Army in 1940

Volume 1 - Issue 1

Xavier Riaud*

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    • Doctor in Epistemology, National Academy of Dental Surgery, France

    *Corresponding author: Xavier Riaud, Doctor in Epistemology, National Academy of Dental Surgery, France

Received: January 06, 2018;   Published: January 19, 2018

DOI: 10.32474/MADOHC.2018.01.000101

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On December 1 1892, the Brouardel law was voted which gave legal status to dental surgeons. At that point, those who had followed appropriate studies delivered by the Faculty of Medicine were the only ones who could practise dental surgery [1]. Therefore, it was a profession in its infancy which enlisted during the war in 1939? On February 26 1916, a dental service was created in the infantry within the French army for the duration of the war. That of the Navy only started on March 1st 1916. After the Great War, only the Navy decided to dissolve its dental service for it did not have a satisfying organization to greet its patients. In 1934, a backup dental service was implemented once again. While they were made lieutenants in 1818, dentists could become captains after the law voted on December 19 1934 [2]. A few months later, dentists in the land army were attributed the same rank.

Brief Historical Summary| National Federation of Reserve Dental Surgeons (Federation Nationale Des Chirurgiens-Dentistes De Reserve - Fncdr)| Active Dentists| Mobilisation| (Delivered) Treatment| Stomatology Service| References|