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Open Access Journal of Complementary & Alternative Medicine

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TCM Systematology: Ancient Wisdom Against Contemporary Global Crisis Volume 4 - Issue 2

Du Hongwei*

    Doctor of Philosophy, Qiongtai Normal University, China

Received: September 12, 2022   Published: September 23, 2022

*Corresponding author: Du Hongwei, Doctor of Philosophy, Qiongtai Normal University, China

DOI: 10.32474/OAJCAM.2022.04.000182

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In the era of globalization and pluralism, the world is constantly experiencing cultural conflicts, political divisions, and war killings. Mankind has not yet established a good policy to maintain world security. Because modern society lacks cultural wisdom matching globalization. Traditional Chinese medicine philosophy inherits the ancient cultural tradition, and its system balance theory and coordination thought have important inspiration for solving the crisis of modern society.

Keywords: TCM Philosophy; Human Crisis; System Thought; Ecological Synergy

Systematic Thinking Of TCM Helps to Construct a New Order of Globalization

The way out of the crisis lies in building high-level system thinking. Einstein said: “the answers to all difficult problems are at a higher level. It is difficult to solve problems at the same level by thinking at the same level. Only when your own cognitive level is improved can you successfully solve low-level problems, just like college students doing math problems for primary school students.” In view of the vulgar performances of primary school students on the international political stage, we need the University thinking of traditional Chinese medicine philosophy [1].

TCM classics such as the《nner Canon of Huangdi》《Treatise on typhoid feve》and others contain the idea of ecological balance and harmonious social development: the human body is regarded as an active system restricted by various natural factors, and local diseases are considered in the whole system clinically, so that the body can heal itself by regulating the meridian system. For example, traditional Chinese medicine believes that ear acupoints correspond to whole body organs through meridians and collaterals and stimulating ear acupoints can adjust and improve the state of corresponding systems and bodies. Similarly, tongue color and shape changes can also be used as a diagnostic basis. This is the dialectical method of TCM bio holography in clinic and diagnosis. Use the energy of the human body to solve health problems [2,3].

We can use this systematic thinking model for reference to analyze isolated international events in the globalization system. For example, the Ukraine Russia war is a political contest between the European and American camps and the two camps composed of Russia, China and other countries. Systemic advantage is the key to victory. TCM is good at predicting the future development of the situation through hidden factors. This is what modern human society lacks.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory Is The Best Political Theory

Chinese medicine philosophy not only has a mature knowledge system, but also can train intelligent talents with rational thinking and cultural consciousness. Philosopher Marcuse once criticized modern society: “the industrialization of culture and art has deprived human society of spiritual values, and people have become one-way tools of high technology and industrialization”. In international relations, there are too many knowledgeable and knowledge-based talents in modern society, while there is a lack of insightful and intelligent politicians. Many scholars have become political tools.

Plato’s 《utopia》 holds that politics is the mission of the wise. Chinese traditional philosophy believes that a good doctor can govern the country, because traditional Chinese medicine philosophy is a system of wisdom based on knowledge, which analyzes the balance between complex systems with a dialectical method. The complexity of modern international relations requires the construction of political theories based on such theories. With the establishment of the new world order, TCM system theory is an effective model to solve modern international problems. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, what modern humans most urgently need to pay attention to is not the cosmic scale, the structure of genes and the research and development of new weapons, but the harmonious relationship between human beings and natural ecology, the construction of cultural identity of different groups in human society, the restoration of a peoplecentered philosophical attitude, and the arousing of reverence for life and the way of heaven.

Human Society Needs “Healthy” Guidance

“Qi” has complex meanings in TCM: energy, air, morality, spirit and strength. “Qi” that is beneficial to physical health and can maintain the balance of the body is “healthy qi”. The “Qi” that destroys the balance of the body and causes disease is “evil Qi”. The contest of social ideology is like the debate between healthy and evil Qi in traditional Chinese medicine. The “healthy spirit” of human society is the moral consciousness and the spirit of freedom and democracy. Military terrorism and autocratic ideology are “evil influence” “evil spirits” that undermine world peace. The theory of traditional Chinese medicine emphasizes that “evil does not suppress right”, that is, “healthy qi” should replace “evil Qi”. Political scientist Fukuyama believes that historical development is a new social model that wants to end the old social system. In essence, the contradictions in international relations in the post-Cold War era are the result of the conflict between old and new ideologies, and social progress is the result of “healthy” overriding “evil”. Therefore, building a humanitarian consensus to resist terrorism and authoritarian violence is a need for world progress [4,5].


a. Psychologist Brown Finn Brenner believes that people’s psychological growth is affected by different ecosystems composed of interpersonal relationships, family environment, social system, and international background. The philosophy of traditional Chinese medicine gives a reference on another level, thinking that the body, mind, and environment are integrated, and that the growth of the mind and the health of the body need the balanced development of the corresponding natural ecology, cultural ecology and social ecology.

b. Traditional Chinese medicine pursues the cultural spirit of harmony between heaven, earth, and people. Human beings need to save themselves by building excellent culture.

c. Traditional Chinese medicine has a special interpretation of time and biological clock and believes that the development of things will mutate gradually with the progress of time. Social development is like the growth of life. Many autocratic regimes, such as the Soviet regime, have not lasted for more than a hundred years. Human society has its own limitations, and ultimately it must follow the way of heaven to reproduce.


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