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Open Access Journal of Complementary & Alternative Medicine

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The Significance of The Thought of The Unity of Heaven and Man in Traditional Chinese Medicine to The Construction of The Post Epidemic World Volume 3 - Issue 3

Du Hongwei* PhD

    Doctor of Philosophy, Qiongtai Normal University, China

Received:June 26, 2021   Published:August 02, 2021

*Corresponding author:Du Hongwei, Doctor of Philosophy, Qiongtai Normal University, Hainan, China

DOI: 10.32474/OAJCAM.2021.03.000161

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In the post epidemic era, the world is facing more complex economic and ecological crises, human health problems, international conflicts and world security, which force us to reflect on the misunderstanding of human mind: globalization intensifies the gap between the rich and the poor and regional disputes between countries, and developed high technology puts mankind in a more unsafe military threat. Many disasters let us see the weakness of human nature: modern mankind has not established a “spiritual home” matching the “ideal country” of material civilization. While challenging nature, mankind is also destroying the relationship between man and nature, which affects individual health, social order and human destiny. Highly developed modern science and technology and diversified political theories do not give human beings enough ability to repair the sick world and sick society. We need the philosophy of traditional Chinese medicine: starting from the causes of diseases to solve social problems. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that to solve health and social problems, we must first establish “heaven man induction” to strengthen human spirit.

Keywords: Philosophy of traditional Chinese medicine, heaven man induction, system theory, philosophy of life.

Abstract| The life system from the perspective of natural system| The theory of traditional Chinese medicine is an advanced philosophy of life| Learn from the thought of “unity of heaven and man” to build a new world order| Summary| References |