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ISSN: 2644-1217

Open Access Journal of Complementary & Alternative Medicine

Case reportOpen Access

Calligraphy Treatment of Children with ADHD: A Case Study Volume 2 - Issue 1

Henry SR Kao1*, Chiu Sau Mee2, Hu Bin3 and Yushi Jiang4

  • 1Department of Psychology University of Hong Kong, China
  • 2Alliant International University, San Francisco
  • 3Haidian Special School for Mental Retardation, Beijing
  • 4Yishuge gGmbH, Berlin

Received: November 25, 2019;   Published: December 10, 2019

*Corresponding author: Henry SR Kao, Department of Psychology University of Hong Kong, China

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Chinese calligraphic handwriting (CCH) entails an integration of the mind, body, and character, interwoven in a dynamic process of handwriting. It involves visual perception of the character, spatial structuring of the character, cognitive planning, and maneuvering of the brush to follow specific character configurations Chen L [1]. In addition, long-term CCH training facilitates and improves the practitioner’s specific executive functions as well as the strengthening their neural networks in related brain regions Chen W et al. [2]. More specifically, the latest fMRI studies have further established the CCH’s capability of improving the practitioner’s selective attention and divided attention Chen W et al. [3]. These works have provided theoretical foundations for the efficacy of the CCH therapy. It has been, in recent years, gradually established as an indigenous and complementary practice that is capable of improving people’s behavioral, psychosomatic as well as clinical conditions. These include attention and concentration as well as the facilitation of their physical relaxation and emotional stabilization Kao HSR & Kao HSR [4,5].

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