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Open Access Journal of Complementary & Alternative Medicine

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A Study to Assess Relationship between Different Obesity Indices and Musculoskeletal Discomfort Score in Agricultural Workers in Southern Districts of West Bengal, India Volume 2 - Issue 4

Ayan Chatterjee1,2, Sandipan Chatterjee1, Neepa Banerjee1 and Shankarashis Mukherjee1,3*

  • 1Human Performance Analytics and Facilitation Unit, Department of Physiology, University Colleges of Science and Technology, India
  • 2Assistant Professor, Faculty of Allied Health Sciences, ICFAI University, India
  • 3Public Health Analytics Group, Department of Food and Nutrition, West Bengal State University, India

Received: June 06, 2020;   Published: June 17, 2020

*Corresponding author: Shankarashis Mukherjee, Public Health Analytics Group, Department of Food and Nutrition, West Bengal State University, Kolkata, 700126, India

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Occupation is an important determinant of health in general and its overall positive or negative effect on well-being results from the interaction between individual characteristics and work-related features, the latter comprising biomechanical, psychosocial, and sociological axes. In India, about three fourth of the population are dependent on different type of crop cultivation; of which paddy cultivation is an important one. Paddy cultivation involves in various processes, some of the postures, which were taken by crop cultivators, were very harmful. Some of the works are dominated by static muscular contraction and some other works are involved with repeated dynamic activity. In this backdrop, the present study has been undertaken to assess the relationship between works related musculoskeletal discomforts score and obesity indices among the human resources engaged in paddy cultivation task. Significant association was observed between obesity indices and MSD discomfort score.

Keywords: MSD; Agriculture; Obesity; Job demand; Paddy cultivation

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