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Open Access Journal of Complementary & Alternative Medicine

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A Reflection on Yoga, Acupuncture and Medicine Volume 3 - Issue 1

Geza M Timcak*

    Association for the Advancement of Yoga, Kosice, Slovakia

Received:June 02, 2021   Published: June 23, 2021

*Corresponding author: Geza M Timcak, Association for the Advancement of Yoga, Kosice, Slovakia

DOI: 10.32474/OAJCAM.2021.03.000155

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In the 20th Century a great effort has been made both to prove that yoga and acupuncture (i.e., Chinese medicine) can be used for health-related purposes and to discover the functional mechanisms of both systems. From the Western point of view, when both yoga and Chinese medicine became popular as a Complementary and Alternative Medicine

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