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Editorial Committee

  1. Martain Pierre Jean Loonen

    King’s College Hospital London, United Arab Emirates

  2. Carlo Maretti

    Responsible for the andrological side at various Medical Centers in the North of Italy, Italy

  3. Emre Pakdemirli

    West Hertfordshire NHS Trust, UK

  4. Meng Shengli

    Wuhan Institute of Biological Products, China

  5. Sherif Monib

    West Hertfordshire hospitals NHS trust, UK

  6. Hanan El-Sayed Badr

    University of Prince Edward Island, Canada

  7. Vittorio Calabrese

    University of Catania, Italy

  8. Leonid Nefyodov

    Yanka Kupala State University , Belarus

  9. Yogendra Kumar Lahir

    University of Mumbai, India

  10. Kastanis Grigorios

    General Hospital of Heraklion- Venizeleio, Greece

  11. Nadia Barberis

    University of Messina, Italy

  12. Adel W Ekladious

    University of Western Australia, Australia

  13. Dr. Maimaiti Yisireyili

    People’s Hospital of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, China

Associate Editorial Committee

  1. Weiliang Huang

    University of Maryland, USA

  2. Guannan Bai

    Erasmus MC-University Medical Center Rotterdam, Netherlands

  3. Mina Abdelmseih

    Augenärzte am Meer Clinic, Germany

  4. Juliana Borges de Lima Dantas

    Federal University of Bahia, Brazil

  5. Nilson Nogueira Mendes Neto

    Onofre Lopes University Hospital , Brazil

  6. Hamid Yahya Hussain

    , UAE

  7. Eberval Gadelha Figueiredo

    University of Sao Paulo, Brazil

  8. Lin Chien-Liang

    Fooyin University, Taiwan

  9. Francesca Gorini

    Institute of Clinical Physiology, Italy

  10. Giuseppe Lanza

    University of Catania, Italy

  11. Mammucari Massimo

    ASL, Italy

  12. Maria Concetta Scuto

    University of Catania, Italy

  13. Izzo Luana

    University of Naples "Federico II", Italy

  14. Mleyhi Sobhi

    Medical University of Tunis, Tunisia

  15. Barbara Tomasello

    University of Catania, Italy

  16. Nikhil Madan

    Newark Beth Israel Medical Center, USA

  17. Giulio Perrotta

    Director, Criminal Psychology, Unifeder , Italy

  18. Said Said Elshama

    Taif University, Saudi arabia

  19. Bechan Sharma

    University of Allahabad, India

  20. Vinita Sharan

    San Beda University, Philippines

  21. Sandeep Chandrashekharappa

    Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine, India

  22. Rosa Lelyana

    Diponegoro University, Indonesia

  23. Abdalkarim Said Radwan

    Islamic University of Gaza , Palestine

  24. Sameer Shakur Sheaikh

    Durgamata Institute of Pharmacy, India

  25. Majid Mohammed Mahmood

    Mustansiriyah University , Iraq

  26. Yasser Mohammed Hassanain Elsayed

    Egyptian Ministry of Health, Egypt

  27. Anubhav Chauhan

    Dr. Yashwant Singh Parmar Government Medical College, India

  28. Mohammad Gayoor Khan

    President NFPS, Liasion Officer USM, Malaysia

  29. Ashwani Kumar Mishra

    All India Institute of Medical Sciences, India

  30. Santosh Kumar Bashyal

    Devdaha Medical College Research Institute, Kathmandu university , Nepal


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