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Journal of Clinical & Community Medicine

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Functional to 12 Months of Surgery of Coverage and Results Acetabular Reorientation Displasia Development in the Hip Volume 2 - Issue 1

Segura Martínez José Guadalupe* and Cervantes Gudiño Jorge

  • Centenario Hospital Miguel Hidalgo CHMH, Aguascalientes, México

Received: March 03, 2020   Published: April 06, 2020

Corresponding author: Segura Martínez José Guadalupe, Centenario Hospital Miguel Hidalgo CHMH, Aguascalientes, México


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Introduction: DDH progressive disorder of the acetabulum, joint capsule and proximal femur with muscles and ligaments, altered. Treatment depends on age and stage of diagnosis, acetabular osteotomy maintained after 18 months as articular cartilage contact surface between the acetabulum and the femoral head.

Objective: To determine functional outcomes to 12 months of surgery coverage and acetabular reorientation in developmental dysplasia of the hip.

Methods: Included patients with type Pelvic osteotomy Pemberton and Pelvic osteotomy type Salter, follow up of 12 months, variables were age, sex, acetabular congruency, CE Wiberg angle, acetabular index, functional scale of Harris and Severin, Tönnis Rating Scale satisfaction postoperative SF-36, running, cross-type cross-over study, observational, descriptive, crosssectional, analytical, review of medical records, clinical examinations, preoperative and postoperative radiographs.

Results: 17 patients, 19 hips, DDH diagnosed with acetabular reorientation osteotomy group I and group II acetabular coverage, 16 patients, 9 patients, 12 hips with Salter osteotomy, primary care average 15.75 months, Severin preoperative functional class IV B 12 hips (100%), postoperative functional class IA 4 hips (33.33%), IIA 4 hip (33.33%), Harris points preoperatively to 75.29 regular function 100%, postoperative 89.66 points, good functional results 9 patients 75% (86- 89 points), excellent results 25% (93-97 points), patient satisfaction excellent 50% 6 patients, 5 hips good 41.66% satisfaction. 11 Group II 7 hips acetabular osteotomy coverage, primary health 33.57 months, Severin classification presurgical functional class III 4 hips (57.14%), postoperative functional class IA one hips (14.28%), IIA 2 hip (28.57%), IB three hip 42.85%, ranking Harris were found in pre-surgical regular function with 73.21 points 5 patients the 71.42%, 87.65 points postsurgical, good functional outcome 6 patients 85.71% (84.6-88 points), patient satisfaction 42.85% 3 patients excellent, 4 good satisfaction hips 57.14%, 5 hips 71%.

Conclusion: Patients treated of DDH with surgery coverage and acetabular reorientation in developmental dysplasia of the hip have good functional results.

Keywords: Developmental dysplasia of the hip (DDH)

Abstract| Introduction| Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip| Etiology| Pathophysiology| Treatment| Objective| Methods| Results| Discussion| Conclusion| References|