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Journal of Biosensors & Renewable sources

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Energy Market Liberalization, Electricity Shortage, Subsequent Challenges and Renewable (Solar) Energy’s Role Volume 1 - Issue 3

Maia Melikidze1*, Garik Teymurazyan1, Eka Okromelidze2 and Ana Kashia3

  • 1Renewable Energy Sources Laboratory, Stanford university, Georgia
  • 2Renewable Energy Sources Laboratory, Stanford university, Georgia
  • 3Renewable Energy Sources Laboratory, Stanford university, Georgia

Received: October 09, 2020   Published: November 16, 2020

Corresponding author: Maia Melikidze, Associated Professor at Business and Technology University, Commissioner at Georgian Energy Regulatory Authority, Stanford univercity, Georgia


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The research paper attempts to explore the ways to develop a state strategy for renewable energies and establish preferential systems. The study results are based on the Desk Study methodology. The paper uses the quantitative method through statistical data gathered from reliable sources such as state agencies and publicly accessible official sources.
The international experience on the topic has been well-researched and the necessary components needed to rehabilitate the global energy industry in the post-pandemic period have been identified. The general list of literature includes scholarly articles from international peer-reviewed publications, legislative and sub-legislative acts of the country, strategic documents, results of international relevant research, and information requested from state agencies.

Keywords: Renewable energy; Energy market; Electricity shortage; Net Metering

Abstract| Introduction| Results and Analysis| Conclusion| References|


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