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ISSN: 2644-1403

Global Journal of Anesthesia & Pain Medicine

Review Article(ISSN: 2644-1403)

Psychic Energy Volume 4 - Issue 1

Paul T E Cusack*

  • BScE, DULE, 23 Park Ave, Saint John, NB E2J 1R2, Canada

Received:December 09, 2021;  Published: January 06, 2021

Corresponding author: Paul T E Cusack, BScE, DULE, 23 Park Ave, Saint John, NB E2J 1R2, Canada

DOI: 10.32474/GJAPM.2020.04.000178

Abstract PDF


In this paper, we consider the logical basis for ethical acts based on sound moral arguments. We consider the authority of the Church over the course since the Enlightenment. We show that virtue is the logical outcome using AT math. We show mathematically that there is such a thing as soul energy (SE) that makes up part of the total energy of the universe. Human beings have a soul and science proves it. It is important because many people today have no faith in religion; their faith is in science. Nothing could be more stunted and costly to their wellbeing temporally and eternally. We also consider why there are 16 personality types in Jungian Psychology. We see that the personality is based on stress tolerance. Some seek pleasure; others avoid pain. This is the underlying force beneath the various personality types. It is important because the education system rewards an increased sensitivity. Those who do well in school, do not necessarily do well in life because too much emphasis is placed on academic achievement. Education should be thus changed to reflect the real world so as not to lead students down the wrong paths.

Keywords: Education, Authority, Enlightenment, Reformation, Virtue, Scientism, Feminism, Morals, Virtue, AT Math. Jungian Psychology, Personality Type, Stress, Please Seeking, Pain Avoidance


According to Charlotte Mason in her book entitled, The Philosophy of Education, “Education is the handmaid of Religion”. Ever since free public education was the norm, students were trained to obey authority. Post-World War II, authority was rejected by the masses. Religion is an authority, or rather was an authority, but since the 1960’s Religion has lost its moral authority. The demise of religion can be traced to the acceptance of Darwinism and the rejection of the Bible. The account of Genesis on the surface, conflicts with Creationism. In other papers, I have shown that it does not conflict; we just did not know the mathematics of Creation. In Astrotheology, I lay out the path of how we can accept Creationism and Physics. There is no excuse to deny the Bible based on arguments of an unscientific Genesis. So, since Astrotheology came along, there is no excuse to be forced to choose between Creationism and Science. In general, society has lost faith in the authorities. We see that business leaders, priests, politicians etc. are unworthy of blind authority. Really, most modern people think there is no longer any grounds for obeying an authority because they are not reliably honest. One human being should not have authority over another. This gives rise to things such as homosexuality, abortion; divorce; illegitimacy; and countless other sins. This has led to a demise of the notion of sin which we shall deal with below. We shall also see how morals necessitate God. And that humans are moral agents. Indeed, the whole point of life is the development of good morals. Morals are absent for even professionals who are sworn to obey a code of ethics. One engineer recall said, “The rules are there are no rules.” This is 100% contrary to the education he received. In fact, to get a professional license, it was required to pass a professional ethics law. Ethnics can be taught, but no enforce. They are completely voluntary.

When did the change come along that obeying the moral authority (if it ever had it) was paramount in a person’s life? It began with the Enlightenment in the 18th Century. The French Revolution was the turning point. Ordinary people wanted freedom from the monarchy and the Church. In fact, the statue of Liberty in New York was a gift from the people of France to the new democracy. Liberty from the Church and liberty from the Catholic monarchs. Martin Luther also was key in the decline of morals beginning the protestant deformation (sic) in 1517 AD. This assumes that people without Catholicism have a lack of morals, which is not necessarily true. Where there is no religion, does sin abound? Obedience to the Church and the Moral Authority was rejected. Religion became relative. Interesting that the USA is a mainly protestant Nation. Now virtue is defined as “a good, ordered habit.” Mason reports that teaching good, ordered habits is a responsibility of the education system. It leads to cleanliness; neatness, order, and courtesy.” Consider how the hippies of the 1960’s in the Cold War lived contrary to these principles. The Church has lost its moral authority ever since. Antipope John XXIII brought in the Second Vatican Council that espoused Protestantism. The Catholic Church, harbinger of moral education has been dying ever since.

Education of the youth has been around since before antiquity in places such a Babylon. Their education was strict. Disobedience was not tolerated. Today, we have mass education but a lack of enforced discipline. Children and teenagers are unruly and there is no mandate to control the unruly. Mass education has led to “thinking for one’s self, no matter how incompetent the individuals reasoning powers are. Generally, it’s good to “think for one’s self,” the masses don’t have the intellectual power to make sound decisions, especially regarding things of God. This has led to moral license and things such as ramped homosexuality; promiscuity; abortion, gay marriage; Illegitimacy, and divorce to name just a few staples of the moral freedom movement. It a word, it is sinful which we shall discuss below. You might say, what difference does it make to anyone but myself if I sin or not? It’s my own business. However, we know from the bible that god punishes the people for their sinfulness. Consider the destruction Sodom and Gomorrah for their practice of homosexuality. God destroyed them all, not just the homosexuals. Since World War II, we have seen the rise of science because it was a powerful tool during the war. For example, the discoverer of radar did a lot to help the allies win the war. Authorities realized that science was key to national defense. Thus, began mass education in science over the humanities as a matter of survival.

Scientism led to wholesale rejection of the Bible and the great apostacy. You were either a Darwinist, or a Creationist. Now, with Astrotheology, there is not a need to choose between the two. Genesis reflects the best of scholarship of the ancient people who knew more mathematical physics that we knew – in fact more than we knew until now. Ancient people -the Babylonians-, goas far back as 1600 BCE. The Egyptian also knew a lot of mathematical physics and recorded in in the geometry of the pyramids. I have written in other papers about this. The purpose of education is to develop good, ordered habits -physical, intellectual, ad moral. The end goal is to produce virtuous citizens not only for the sake of the society, but also for the individual’s wellbeing. We will show below that virtue is not subjective. It depends on the since of logic. So, what has filled the vacuum of unbelief in God? It is the god of money. We no longer build Cathedral as a testament to our society’s highest values; we build skyscrapers owned by corporations such as banks. These are the modern cathedrals. Having a god of money leads to greed –a carinal sin. Scripture tells us that we can serve two master – god and mammon. We have all heard that the love of money is the root of all evil. Really, it the love of power -money brings power. It is a secular outlook. Life becomes a battle of the Yuppies.

Mason reports that the rise of German Nazism resulted from their educational system gone array. Instead of a humanist education, German children received a utilitarian “education”. This includes vocational training, but no moral education. Interesting that we now are witnessing the rise of the Neo-Nazis -far right-wing politics in the West - in the USA and Europe. We no longer educate children in the West for a moral education. It only took 3 generations to result in an immoral society reflected in politics. Germany has pursued a different ideal. Her efforts, too, have been great, unified by the idea of utility, as if we only remember the lesson, the war has shown us how fertile is an education which affords no moral or intellectual uplift, no motive higher than the learner’s particular advantage and that of the State. Germany became morally bankrupt. [pg. 123]. World War II was a key to the fries of feminism. Women began working outside the home to support the war effort. The had the franchise. In sort, the did not need a man to support them. Birth control that came out in the 1960’s, allowed women to be free from childbearing. Promiscuity became ramped resulting in illegitimate births so that today, 50% of babies born in the West are illegitimate. Families became smaller. We saw the rise of divorce and the breakup of the nuclear family. The nuclear family has been described by Popes as the Domestic Church. Working woman may not have had the time to educate their children in the faith. The Roman Catholic Church would not ordain women, although protestant churches did. Nowadays Pope Francis, an antipope, blessed same sex marriages. Society has changed dramatically since World War II. It began with the Protestant Deformation (sic) that ended the monopoly the Catholic Church had on morals. The Church did not do itself any favors with all the corrupt priest. Since then, the Church is all but buried. It has lost its moral authority.

Now we turn to consider sin. The notion of sin has been obscured. The first point we make is that humans, uniquely, have free will. I will not argue that here. I refer the reader to my previous paper that establishes free will. Humans, unlike any other animal, have the power of reason. We do not just function on instinct. Humans have had reason -the knowledge of good and evil- since God gave it to us in the persons of Adam and Eve after they ate the forbidden fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Knowledge of good and evil means that humans are moral agents and thus can sin when they transgress the law of God. Sin is a mental construct like the mind and the Law. This is in contradistinction to materialism. Essentially, the West is populated by those who espouse materialism. Materialism leads to an empty life. As we age, we lose capacity of the body leaving an unsatisfactory circumstance in its wake. Humans need something to look forward to remaining healthy and balanced. The key is to believe in life after death. The key is to believe in moral agency.

Sin is defined as an offence against religious or moral law. Sin and Law are mental constructs. Mason moral law as a code of principles which shall govern (student’s) lives. She explains that ta school curriculum should provide knowledge of God, man, and the Universe. Secular schools abdicate the education in the ways of God. The gap is left to mostly mother to teach their children about the faith. They do not know it themselves; they cannot give what they don’t have. This is another result from feminism. The Code of principles is the 10 Commandments. This is a God-given moral law that establishes right from wrong in relationship to God and neighbor and self. Children are taught Mathematical Laws but not moral laws. The question is: Whose moral laws shall we teach? This is the result of pluralism and relativism. “What’s good for you is good for you; What’s good for me is good for me” Is the limited logic. The Bible tells us that “the knowledge of good and evil is written on the human heart. “And one of them, a lawyer, asked him a question to test him. “Teacher, which is the great commandment in the Law?” And he said to him, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the great and first commandment. And a second is like it: You shall love your neighbor as yourself. On these two commandments depend all the Law and the Prophets.” Source: Wikipedia-Matthew 22: 35-40

If morals are laws, then they should obey logic. They do. Here is how:

a. God Exists (see below)

b. Man has been endowed by God with reason, (knowledge of good and evil) since Adam and Eve.

c. Reason establishes right from wrong (morals)

d. Man has morals even if he has no morals by default.

e. Man is a moral agent

f. Man must follow moral laws.

g. Morals Laws were given to man by God (10 commandments through Moses).

h. The Ten Commandments govern duty to God: Self and Neighbor.

i. Disobedience to the Ten Commandments damages the self.

j. Self-destructive behaviour is illogical

k. It is logical to obey the Law.

In a book on Aristotle, it is reported that Boethius wrote “God lacks both matter and change.”

The same source reports:

a. Virtue is the art of living well

b. Plato said that “Knowledge is virtue.”

c. Knowledge is based on logic and reason.

d. The science of reason is theoretical

e. Ethics is practical and concerned with action, thus not theoretical.

f. Therefore, virtue and ethics are separate and distinct. Virtue is knowing the right thing to do; ethics is doing it. To be virtuous, we must live our virtue.

For …. There is a theoretical science [logic and reason] which studies immaterial substances [God], namely divine science [Theology]. .... the ultimate happiness of human beings, as philosophy see it, consists in knowing the immaterial substances [God] .... The happiness of which philosophers talk is an activity deriving from wisdom, since wisdom is the crowing strength and virtue of our most perfect ability, intellect, and that sort of activity is happiness, as Aristotle say......So immaterial substances [God] are understood by wisdom. But wisdom is a branch of speculative science [Physics]…So we can understand immaterial substances [God] by way of theoretical sciences [Logic and Reason] ...But human beings have the knowing of immaterial substances [God] as their natural goal, as philosophers and saints’ debate. So, the knowledge of immaterial substances [God] falls under some theoretical science [Physics and logic]. [2 pg. 47] Total Energy (TE) is proportional to Mass even for the soul (or mind). Therefore, Materialism reigns. The only thing that is immaterial is God. Everything has a material cause including God, who took on Mass (Flesh and Blood) in the person of Jesus Christ. Truth and Falsehood are in the mind and not in things. Truth is a matching of things and mind, but such matching can only exist in the mind. So, truth too can exist only in the mind. [2, pg56]. The non-relative negation that attaches to every existent thing is its non-divisiveness, expressed in the word one, for to be one is to exist undivided. [2pg. 53]



E = 1 / t = e ^ −t

1 = e ^ −t = God

Ln 1 = −t

0 = 1

E = t

Everything There is TE. TE is God. TE is proportional Mass.

It is logical to obey the Moral Law which necessitates education in the knowledge of God and practice of virtue. Plato’s axiom “Knowledge is virtue” applies. “Both Civilization and Education are the handmaids of Religion.” [1] Everything is material, or materialism reigns.


I was enjoying spending an evening watching TV at a friend’s house when my friend said, “Cuz, there are two type of people in the world. There are those who are hosts and there are those who are guests. He was right. After thinking about all these decades later, I realized that the hosts seek stress or at least have a higher toleration for it, whereas guests seek relaxation or lower stress situations. His Jungian personality type was ESTJ -the entrepreneur; mine is INTP -the Engineer. I have learned you cannot fight it. You can certainly try, but things will end in disaster. I have also wondered why for 25 years since I first read it: why does income drop off like a stone when IQ goes above the 85 percentiles? I think the answer lies in nervous system sensitivity. Having an extra sensitive nervous is good for an academic setting, but not for life. Education should stop stressing sensitive activities and stress stressful activities to be a better prepare for the real world. The artificial world of academia leads to false expectations for lifetime outcomes. My friend went on to become a successful real estate entrepreneur. I became a failure by almost all accounts. As my friend said, “Cuz, your lowest grade is probably higher than his highest.” He was right. But in the end, he triumphed. In this paper, I consider the 16 Jungian personality types and their preponderance for stress toleration. I sum these stress indicators times their proportion of humans. We get interesting and significant results. But first, we consider Freudian psychoanalysis.

Freudian Psychoanalysis

The Superego is where the conscience is located. “The function of the frontal lobe involves the ability to project future consequences resulting from current actions, the choice between good and bad options also known as conscience). “[1]. The Ego involves reasoning. It is in the cerebral cortex- in both hemispheres. The Id involves memory storage. I theorize that it is in the temporal lobe, more specifically the insular cortex. The insular cortex involves the instincts, especially sexual arousal, and romantic love. It is also involved in anxiety disorders, orgasms, pain sensitivity, and regulation of the immune system [1]. In terms of mathematics, the is when the function equals the derivative., or Y = e ^ −t = E So we have energy (not mass or matter) and no changing because the derivative is constant. We do some AT Math on this point: (Figures 1,2)

Y = e ^ −t

Ln Y = −t

−Ln t = t

M = Ln t


−M = t

M == t = KE = 1 / 2Mv ^ 2

M = dM / dt = 2

= 1 / 2(2)(1 / 2)

= 1 / 2

=t min of the Golden Mean Parabola E min=-1.25

Figure 1: The Human Brain showing the location of the ID, Ego, and Superego.


Figure 2: The ACT* Model of the Brain as a black box.


ID and Superego

The lifelong struggle in the human psyche is between the ID (sexual trappings) vs the Superego or the conscience (Socially acceptable behaviour). They meet in the working memory of the Ego located in the Cerebral Cortex, where reason is the rein. Without restrictions, if humans were purely animals, intercourse would occur more often and causally. There would result less anxiety and fewer people with a variety of mental illnesses. The Insular Cortex is also involved in the immune system [1-5]. In a previous paper, I detailed how E Coli leads to several mental illnesses.

Jungian Personality Types


If we apply chemistry to the problem, we get:

Serotonin + Testosterone  Dopamine

C10H11N20+ C19H28O2C6H11NO2

Serotonin + Testosterone  Cortisol (stress)

C10H11N20+ C19H28O2C21H30O5

Serotonin = C10H11N20=176 g/mol~1 rad=~ 1.00840=Mass of


C18H23N2O=299.4 g/mol~c

For the stress indicator, we take:

a) Extraversion=1; Introversion t=0

b) Sensor=1; Intuitive =0

c) Feeler=1

d) Thinker=1

e) Judge =1; Perceiver =0

We take the following combinations

NP; NJ; SP; SJ and ET EF;IT;IF, Eight types each separately.

0;1;1;2; & 1;2;0;1 Table 1

Table 1: Type, Stress, Percentile, SxP.


Human Life gives rise to consciousness from the Senses. The Brain can self-reflect, Cogito Ergo Sum or I think, therefore I am as Descartes puts it. Thinking is governed by the function of the golden mean parabola.


So, personality type is based on an individual’s stress toleration. Some people seek stress; others avoid it. The Host seeks stress; the guest avoids it. There is, therefore, a bases in physics and chemistry for Jungian Psychology psychoanalysis. Stress toleration is rooted in pain avoidance v. please seeking. This would be a superior measure for worldly success. For non-organic mental illnesses, psychoanalysis has fruitful application. Contrary to what James Watson said, you can help someone just be listening and talking to them without a chemical. Men are preprogrammed to be providers to support offspring. Women are preprogrammed to become mothers. The mother wants her children to become the alpha male or the wife of the alpha male- the beauty queen. The man wants to be esteemed and respected. They both want the man to become the hero. Trouble sets in when there is sexual frustration or when the male or female is “not a great as they expected to be.” Shame brought on by sex leads to ostracization in both sexes that can lead to violence. Feminism and male homosexuality are an aberration of nature and leads to illness and shame. Both male and female desire the male to become the hero [5-10] (Figure 3).

Figure 3: Cusack’s Psychoanalysis.



A person’s Jungian personality type is based on the combination of pleasure-seeking vs pain avoidance. Obeying the Moral Law is necessary for a well-balanced mind. Psychoanalysis by Freud and Jung work because they are based on Cusack’s Psychic Energy [11- 15].


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