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ISSN: 2637-4676

Current Investigations in Agriculture and Current Research

Research Article(ISSN: 2637-4676)

About Economic Justification of Determining the Optimal Depth of Flowing Well

Volume 4 - Issue 2

NG Aloyan*

Received: August 30, 2018;   Published: September 10, 2018

DOI: 10.32474/CIACR.2018.04.000185

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The article concerns the problem of determining the optimal depth of flowing well. It suggests that the increase of the well yield subject to the elongation of water intake part occurs rather irregularly, and its pattern is more likely to be hyperbolic. Based on the detail analysis of the case it is not recommended to situate the water intake of the well along the all thickness of the aquifer since there comes a time point when the capital inputs made for further elongation of the water intake are not compensated by the corresponding yield increase. As first approach we suggest that the length of the water intake filter should be accepted of (0,5 … 0,6) size of the aquifer part. For precise determination of optimal length of the water intake, thus for the entire well, it is suggested to build the curve of capital unit costs by formula (11), determine the coordinates of points of its minimum and, following this, as a final result – appropriate for it length of water intake.

Keywords: Flowing well; Yields; Hydraulic resistance; Water intake filter; Optimal depth; Capital costs

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