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The Use of Autologous Fat Grafting and Platelet Rich Plasma in the Treatment of Chronic Wounds

by Robert Bowen

Abstract: Chronic wounds resulting in tissue loss/necrosis present a difficult clinical challenge. Traditional techniques such as wound packing and vacuum therapy are not always sufficient to result in complete closure of the wound. Cell and growth factor assisted fat grafting has been successfully used for restoring loss of volume in cosmetic surgery patients. Cases are presented where chronic wounds with tissue defects were treated using cell and growth factor (PRP) assisted fat grafting. Three patients with chronic wounds resulting in tissue defects which were refractory to debridement, packing, and wound vacuum therapy underwent adipose tissue harvesting with liposuction, isolation of stromal vascular fraction (SVF) from the adipose tissue and peripheral blood drawn to obtain platelet rich plasma (PRP). Adipose tissue enriched with SVF and PRP was introduced into the wound and peri-wound and the patients were followed and their course documented with serial photographs and ultrasound examinations. In all cases, previously refractory wounds healed with deep tissue regeneration and re-epithelialization as determined by ultrasound examination and digital photography. Duration of wounds prior to grafting: mean 163days +/- 49. Time to complete closure following grafting: 42.2 days +/- 7.2Cell and growth factor enriched adipose tissue is shown to be a viable “treatment of the last resort” for chronic refractory wounds resulting in tissue loss. Further investigation in clinical trials may be warranted.

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