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Effects of Tongue Cribs for the Early Treatment of Anterior Open Bite: A Case Report

by Natsuko Hichijo*, Tadahide Noguchi and Yoshiyuki Mori

Abstract: Background: The tongue cribs have been used to eliminate bad habits of thumb suckling and tongue thrusting. These habits are thought to be possible causes of malocclusions, and the major one is open bite. Open bite is one of the most difficult malocclusions to treat, and severe open bite cases would also require surgical orthodontic treatment. This article describes the orthodontic treatment with tongue cribs for a pediatric patient with anterior open bite. Case: Her chief complaint was anterior open bite. Overbite was -3.0 mm, and she was often confirmed the tongue thrust during resting and talking. We started her maxillary expansion by a removable expansion plate with tongue cribs to correct anterior open bite and encourage the permanent tooth eruption. After 26 months of active orthodontic treatment, open bite was improved, and the eruption of permanent teeth made good progress. We suggest that the appliance with tongue cribs might be useful and effective in the treatment of open bite, and the follow-up is necessary and very important.

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