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ISSN: 2643-6736

Advances in Robotics & Mechanical Engineering

Short Communication(ISSN: 2643-6736)

Introducing DeepMind Learning Modeling Volume 1 - Issue 1

Sadique Shaikh* and Shabeena Khan

  • Department of Institute of Management & Science, Abeda Inamdaar College, Camp, India

Received: August 29, 2018;   Published: September 04, 2018

*Corresponding author: Sadique Shaikh, Department of Institute of Management & Science, Abeda Inamdaar College, Camp, India

DOI: 10.32474/ARME.2018.01.000101

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Since 2010 Google & Uber researchers and engineers are engaged in DeepMind project with registered company in UK and USA DeepMind. Google used to “Deep reinforcement learning” to implement DeepMind technology. We can see the results of DeepMind learning with live examples of Google Assistance, Google Echo- Smart Speaker and Google home assistance, Google AI-God and AI Church, Amazon Alexa, Amazon echo, Apple Siri. Google is one the strong player in DeepMind learning technology but two major players also Amazon and Apple after Google. This technology brings next wave in future about to 2029 but also spoiling human ethics when AI became more then of human intelligence. This short communication discussed fundamental aspect related to DeepMind designing and engineering with the help of model.

Keywords: DeepMind; Super-AI; Ultra-AI; Bionic Brain


DeepMind learning is the technology shift more than of AI because AI is Pre-programmed intelligence whereas DeepMind technology learn and programitself by experiences acquiring from environment and update its knowledge like human brain with more than faster of human brain. DeepMind learning is AI Deep enforcement to engineer Super-AI or Ultra-AI. Bionic Brain and Humanoid are the outstanding and breakthrough example of it. This paper shows the lucid model which assist to new entrants in the field of DeepMind and DeepMind learning. In DeepMind learning technically uses deep learning on a convolutional neural network.


DeepMind Learning Engineering Model (DLEM)

Figure 1: DeepMind Learning Engineering Model (DLEM).


Below Figure 1 exhibits DLEM with further discussion of all its levels. This model segmented into two parts with equal importance as Software essential module and Hardware essential module with further segmentation into three parts of each. Both the modules and their sub-modules have further lots of depth for DeepMind engineering. Here I am not showing technical aspects in detail but would like to show direction of engineering with DLEM.

It clearly displays in above model both modules need to engineer individually but must be full interactive and suitable to each other to show human-like or more then of Human-like intelligence with proper Avatar and appearance. Software essential module has three important engineering domains are Convolution neural network Schema, Deep reinforcement learning Algorithms, GUI & Interactive Voice recognition/Interchange and interface system and Hardware essential module has Quantum Nano Memory Data structure for Neural Schemas Implementation, Robotics Sensors, Actuators and Motors for Humanoids, Robotics Violence & ethics Control System. In Software module Convolution Neural Schemas must need to engineer those has capability and ability of self-programming and learning, at Deep enforcement learning algorithms super intelligence procedure and process design to fit in neural schemas for self-learning system whereas using Human-Like GUI, Voice recognition, interaction and interchange voice command and voice response possible to/from DeepMind robots. The Second important modeling need is Hardware essential module where Quantum Nano Memory Data structure design and fabricated for Neural Schemas Implementation with ultra-high processing speed this is we can say DeepMind and Neural Schemas in it make it alive with super or ultra AI can say Bionic Brain. The next phase engineering is precision sensors, actuators and motors engineering for human like movements and appearance in humanoid. The last engineering phase is most important aspect as I mentioned Google developed AI-God and Church which volatile natural beliefs of human and one day might be DeepMind AI like this made their own AI religion and ethics which would be harmful for mankind hence need to precise Robotics Violence & ethics Control System to save human from robotics violence [1-9].


In above communication I had discussed about DeepMind, its concepts with current examples and using Model DLEM explained how DeepMind engineering possible to carried out. I have discussed two important engineering aspects with further expansion as well also focused on how robotics violence and ethics control system is important.


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