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ISSN: 2643-6736

Advances in Robotics & Mechanical Engineering

Short Communication(ISSN: 2643-6736)

Business in Artificial Intelligence Volume 2 - Issue 2

MD. Sadique Shaikh1*and Tanvir Begum2

  • 1ISTM Mumbai, India
  • 2HR-Maveen Pvt. Ltd. India

Received: September 26, 2019;   Published: October 01, 2019

Corresponding author: MD. Sadique Shaikh, ISTM Mumbai, India

DOI: 10.32474/ARME.2019.02.000134

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There is no need to get understand what is Artificial Intelligence with the relevance of it in day by day expansion and coverage in all needs and applications of life and how its changing all facet and scenarios on planet earth and might be in space in near future which is itself initiatives startup now. Hence I wrote this article with the intention what are the possibilities in near future for business scopes, market demands, customers/consumer’s needs, future job forms, future employments skills for survival and future employments in brief being one of the successful Scientist, Practitioner, Educator and worldwide Speaker in the field of Artificial Intelligence who coined several new future research terms in A.I.

Keywords: Future Business; Advanced A.I; Space Robotics; Virtual A.I; DeepMind; Bionic Brain; Medical Robotics; Humanoid; Virtual Robotics; Intelligence Devices


There are many more domains to work and market in Artificial Intelligence, but I choose only some most promising change agent and strong market players in my Hexagonal Model below. These are Bionic/DeepMind & Humanoid, Space Robotics & Cyborgs, Consumer Robotics & NLP echo Devices/Assistance, Military & Defense Robotics, Medical & Nano Robotics and Bionic, DeepMind & Humanoid (Figure 1). The most market scope field is Bionic Brain (Human Brain like Neural Schemas and Processing), DeepMind learning and Humanoid (Human-like-Robots) engineering/ designing, manufacturing and selling as well as its respective work skills and employments for future jobs openings. Equal scope and attention to Space Robotics and Cyborg Devices/Human elements which has already started mankind journey and soon technologies near to reach Moon and Mars explorations and has great market and hence future jobs in the same. Consumers Robotics, NLP echo Devices/Assistance also has sustainable future business and jobs opportunities after the success of Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa etc. and several smart phones and likewise devices /products connected with Internet of Things (IoT) to make human lives easy, comfortable and better each day like smart kitchens, smart vehicles, smart phones/devices, smart homes, consumer appliances and so on. A.I has also great expansion in the domain of Military and Defense Robots for high end securities with saving solders lives as well as Medical Robots, Surgical Robots, Nano Robots for inside body diagnosis has large market and jobs options. In this race equal scope, attention and market to develop human brain like software intelligence called virtual humanoid which would be hardware platform independent as compare to windows, IOS , MAC and Android intelligence and companies like Google, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon will work towards it which leads to future job skills and market.

Figure 1: A.I Market Hexagonal, Source: Dr. Sadique Shaikh & Tanvir Begum.



The future employments, future jobs and future skills only based on two strong technologies Artificial Intelligence (A.I) and Internet of Things (IoT) to get connected all living non-living Natural Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence based human, objects, elements and things to establish communication, to command and process for task accomplishment.