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ISSN: 2644-1209

Trends in Ophthalmology: Open Access Journal

Short Communication(ISSN: 2644-1209)

Opthalmology and Optometric Studies Volume 1 - Issue 2

Cuc Antonín Ing*

  • Czech Technical University Prague, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Cybernetics, Innovation Management, Česká republika, Europe

Received: February 21, 2018;   Published: March 12, 2018

Corresponding author: Cuc Antonín Ing, Czech Technical University Prague, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Cybernetics, Innovation Management, Česká Republika, Europe

DOI: 10.32474/TOOAJ.2018.01.000109


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Short Communication

I have no Doubt, so in the Medical Branch Ophthalmology there many repeated similar situation with Decision making - and It be very supporting - when on this specific Tasks to keep human abilities to vision well - could be solved more better - with sharing the best medical experiences from the best Ophthalmology Clinics of the world (OECD). I have for your medical branch only a view notices -the Encyclopedic Medical Literature has concept in a content with false priorities for Practical should be organized with differenced structure.....coherent to education in Ophthalmology a Ground for Home amateur. for Medical students - and then other parts with explanations aspects to regards 120 very frequential and risky Ophthalmology Diagnoses....... since to detection first serious aspects ....always with possibilities of some prevency in Family Life.... for your Children, for your members in Gerent Age, and when we should immediately going to Ophthalmology Ambulancy. When we are informed about distributions of some serious eyes diseases...... we could recognize some local clever Life styles and Eyes-regularly exercises in home self rehabilitation to efficiency Home prevency some diseases of Visions. The Encyclopedic for Eyes-surgeries are oriented in either Aims and Well educated Ophthalmologists - There a re-probable many situation, where we should take the new processing in Diagnostics, modern Processing by Surgeries, many News for post operational rules of hospitalized Patients...there are many interactions with other Medical Branches....with working with Patients wit Diabetes Mellitus, with Patients over Ages 75+, with some Patients with HIV, etc. There should be more coherent concept and deep levels of important aspects for Health status of patients, probable prognoses an out Vision abilities, usage of some transplantation, etc. There should be more important the private practical experiences of Doctors for some surgeries.....The ion dividable activities in surgery hall could be agreement only - when the young Doctor preliminary realized about 60 similar surgeries with carefully supervisions very skilled Doctors.

I am recommending for your Eyes Clinic to be in 5 specified Types of Eyes-surgeries as The Best of TOP TEN in the whole OECD! You should be pride to cooperating with your Teams of Doctors, Quality managers, Programmers, Staticians, expert for EHRs and sharing data’s with best Eyes-Clinic in Branch from OECD, you should take as standard Instrument - the Video records from the each complicated Surgeries in your Hall as a duties to EHRs for internal usage, with regularly next agreement from responsible of supervision of Prime Doctor from Surgery hall.....It seems to be as the professional industrial produce.....with minimum false steps in duration Day, Week, Month, Years...with regularly SAMPLINGS to suggest the best next innovation in the Produce Channel Eyes Clinic XXXX! Always with perfect defined prevency of last risky or false situation in Produce Channel! There are no problem to detect Medical Mistakes, there are False to camouflage Medical Mistakes.... there are betrayal to Medical Ethics to repeat Medical mistakes!!!! Health Assurances should be supporting reliabilities to care the personalities Doctors so as personalities maybe so as Health satisfactions for Patients - it must be guaranteed!

Who is working with repeated Camouflages of repeated serious Medical working Problems without adequate prevency - they are Gangsters only - such Doctors should be excluded for lack of Medical Ethics! We all - time to time we are doing the Mistakes, but we could be better - and only Idiots could repeat the same similar mistakes on the private bill of other Citizens! You should working with elementary carefully managing all preliminary perfect Clinic Planning, you should be preparing in surgery hall on the most frequential 30 catastrophic complications “AD HOC”, you should educate your Doctors with simulating problems - similar as it is usual for Pilots in Airplanes transports, may be you need the new types of Simulators .......maybe your Eyes Clinic should be very famous in the whole world - when you will be taken the Best Education Medical Equipment, Best Professors in Branch, best Medical Devices in surgery hall.......You should offered: minimum patient risks in your safety specific Health care......Your functional practical behaviour should be prefect always - since perfect Inputs processing of tne coming Patients, including knowledge’s of Family anamnesis, private anamnesis, perfect preliminary testing Health status, perfect Diagnostics Eyes Problems, perfect choice the Treatments with well education of your Patients....with qualified agreement for next Treatments - with continual controlling Technician and Medical processing - step by steps...with long time supervisions your Patients after Health care…. with guaranty Well Being for long time with perfect Vision abilities...with education your Patient for perfect self-rehabilitation and the descriptions the risk situation. when you are recommending next Ophthalmology support, etc. Maybe you could recommend any other best specialized cooperating Eyes-Clinic in your State, etc.