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Review Article(ISSN: 2637-6695)

Understanding Theoretical Underpinnings Related to Ageing for an Enhanced Care of Elderly

Volume 1 - Issue 4

Khadija Shafiq Dossa and Sarmad Muhammad Soomar*

Received: August 01, 2018;   Published: August 13, 2018

DOI: 10.32474/LOJNHC.2018.01.000120

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The enormous increase in geriatric population overtime has created intense need of planning appropriate care for them to improve their quality of life. Considering geriatric population, nurses and health care professionals (HCPs) usually focus on single aspect of wellbeing but it is necessary to focus on their other dimensions of health as well. In consideration to this, the paper goes on describing the process of ageing through a theoretical perspective. Moreover, the paper attempts to highlight problems faced by geriatric population in general with some evidences of research from Pakistan. Furthermore, the paper suggests relevant solutions to these growing issues highlighting the role of HCPs and especially from the perspective of nursing, as they are the common and direct care givers.

Keywords: Elderly; Geriatric; Care; Nurse; Health Care Providers; Theory; Ageing

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