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ISSN: 2690-5779

Journal of Mining and Mechanical Engineering

Mini ReviewOpen Access

Acid and Metalliferous Drainage–A Global Environmental Issue Volume 1 - Issue 1

Gujie Qian1* and Yubiao Li2

  • 1College of Science and Engineering, Flinders University, Australia
  • 2School of Resources and Environmental Engineering, Wuhan University of Technology, China

Received: September 23, 2019   Published: October 01, 2019

Corresponding author: Gujie Qian, College of Science and Engineering, Flinders University, Australia


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Acid and Metalliferous Drainage (AMD) is a critical environmental problem worldwide. It occurs when sulfide minerals, primarily pyrite, oxidise chemically or biologically to produce acidic wastewater containing elevated concentrations of sulfate and toxic elements. This short paper presents a very brief and general introduction of AMD, with a specific focus on two categories of AMD remediation options including source- and migration-control. Some most recent examples of potentially viable and economically sustainable surface passivation strategies for AMD control at-source are briefly discussed in this review.

Abstract| Introduction| AMD Generation from Pyrite Oxidation| AMD Control| Source Control| Migration Control| Concluding Remarks| References|


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