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ISSN: 2641-1725

LOJ Medical Sciences

Mini Review(ISSN: 2641-1725)

Normalization of Psyche of the Motivated Population by Healthy Lifestyle Volume 4 - Issue 2

Evgeniy Bryndin1* and Irina Bryndina2

  • 1Research Centre “NATURE INFORMATIC”, Technological Platform Future Medicine, Russia
  • 1Pediatric Faculty, Novosibirsk State Medical University, Russia

Received: December 10, 2019;   Published: December 17, 2019

*Corresponding author: Evgeniy Bryndin, Research Centre “NATURE INFORMATIC”, Technological Platform Future Medicine, Novosibirsk, Russia

DOI: 10.32474/LOJMS.2019.04.000182

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In medical community various approaches to a concept health were created: hygienic, adaptive, genetic, prenosological, safe, equilibrium, physiological, on health, viable, self-regulating, endoecological, resonant, spiritual, naturalistic and the combined approaches. We will consider spiritually - naturalistic approach to a concept health. Approach is based on processes of the nature and a spiritual entity of the person. Stabilization of the mental health of the population is becoming the main goal in the modern world. Human health is 75% dependent on the way of life according to the World Health Organization. Healthy lifestyle maintains healthy human condition. The mental and physical state of the person and the population is normalized by a healthy lifestyle.

Keywords: Healthy normalization; abilities and skills savings health; healthy lifestyle


Various approaches to achieving and maintaining a healthy state are proposed. The article proposes a spiritual-naturalistic approach to achieving and maintaining a healthy state. Approach is based on processes of the nature and a spiritual entity of the person. Such approach allows to consider spiritual, cultural, social, natural and psychological aspects of a normalization of mentality a healthy lifestyle.

Natural and Spiritual Aspects of Health

Dr. Robert Becker measured brain waves of mentally healthy people. They all had the same frequencies - 8 Hz, synchronized by Schumann waves in frequency and phase. Professor Winfried Otto Schumann of Munich Technical University established waves of ultra-small frequencies of 8 Hz between the earth and the ionosphere. In the United States (NASA) and Germany (M. Planck Institute), it was found that Schumann waves were necessary to synchronize biological rhythms and the normal existence of all living on Earth. NASA uses Schumann wave generators to ensure normal personnel activity. Schumann waves are an important component of nature for the healthy life of the population and every person. The intensity of Schumann’s resonance affects the mental state of man positively according to scientists ‘experiments. We live longer, but we feel worse. Medicine is not guided by spiritual principles and health criteria. Human life has a spiritual nature that is the cornerstone of health. It helps to achieve and preserve human health on a global scale [1]. Man maintains a healthy state with spiritual life, ethical word, good intentions, spiritual ties to society. Hippocrates claimed that the body cures nature. According to international studies of scientists, such as Professor Winfried Otto Schumann and Hippocrates, billions of body cells are becoming healthy, as result of resonance at natural frequency 8 hertz. Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto, showed that water under the influence of our thoughts, emotions, words changes structure. Masaru Emoto’s experiments proved that the spiritual word has healthy effect of mentality. According to international studies of scientists, such as Professor Winfried Otto Schumann, Dr. Robert Becker, Masaru Emoto and Hippocrates it follows that human health is balanced psychophysiological state with the functioning of the organism at the electromagnetic frequency of cells 8 hertz in resonance mode.

Tasks and Methods

The main task of ensuring the mental health of the population is to convert to a healthy lifestyle. The article shows the methodology of research of mental energy, its importance in normalization of human psyche. As well as the methodology of transition to a healthy lifestyle by organizational actions on normalization of psyche, complex knowledge, individual development and improvement of lifestyle.

Researches of Mental Energy

The term - mental energy - is proposed by S. Freud to describe the specifics of mental processes: the movement of attention, interest, and attachment of an object to another or current activity. Moore - Fain considers mental energy to be the basis of any mental activity. The main functions of mental energy are divided into two groups: motivational and instrumental. Motivational function is expressed as the accumulation of mental energy. The instrumental function serves to implement various mental processes and normalize a person ‘s psyche. In psychological practice and theory, the connection of the psyche with the brain and innervation of the heart is established [1-4]. Stores of mental energy are the soul, the brain and the innervation of the heart. The biological conductor of mental energy is the coating of nerve fibers of lipid nature. The mental process involves the mental energy, brain, soul and nervous system of the body. Interaction of subjects of the living world is carried out according to the quality of energy of spiritual states: calm, aggression, love, etc. Thinking, desires, feelings produce the quality of mental energy. The creator accumulates cognitive sensual instrumental mental energy of creativity. Each person accumulates instrumental professional cognitive sensual energy. An American scientist, researcher Paul D. Mack Ling, introduced the term “limbic system” and developed the concept of the human trinity brain. The meaning of this notion is that the human brain consists of three parts: the brain of instincts; Limbic brain motivational behavior and human neocortex (new bark). Each of these parts is somehow involved in the formation of instrumental mental energy, but in different ways, and generates its different types.

The limbic system develops behavioral and psychological decisions such as suffering, collective attachments, playfulness, nurturing offspring, subjective feelings, and emotional responses to events in nature that interact with the innate motivational system. To realize these actions, it generates instrumental mental energy from animals. The life of a child under five years old in a pack of animals, the quality of active mental energy accumulated from them in the brain, does not form language speech and cognitive activity. Neocortex (new bark) is related to consciousness, to thoughts. Faith, stereotypes, morals, etc., persist in this structure. The new cortex generates semantic instrumental mental cognitive (informative) energy to implement communicative associative thinking. With its help we draw up plans for the future, analyze, train, communicate. It drives mental components. Thinking, memory, attention start to work, ideas arise, experiences come to life, once acquired habits, skills, abilities. Energy is endowed with images, thoughts, requirements, abilities, emotions, feelings, knowledge, settings, mood, habits, desires, motives, character properties. They are integrated with information that is a component of mental energy. It is important for man to accumulate the instrumental mental spiritual energy of the manifestation of human qualities, the moral energy of social behavior and the energy of healthy activity. The uniform accumulation, distribution and use of spiritual, moral and healthy mental energy and normalization of cognitive thinking and psyche are carried out through the development and improvement of a healthy lifestyle. Comprehensive knowledge, individual development and improvement of a healthy lifestyle at the spiritual, social and physiological levels are necessary to achieve and preserve a healthy state.

Transition of the Population to a Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy lifestyles can be learned by the population through health centers, sanatorium institutions, educational organizations. Healthy lifestyle is developed in four stages [5-14].

Stage 1. Formation of the pure internal environment

The pure internal environment is one of necessary conditions of a wave resonance of cages. The pure internal environment is formed by useful habits:
A. Formation of pure thoughts and desires.
B. Use of ethical lexicon communication.
C. Connection to pure nature.
D. Maintenance of pure internal environment of organism.
E. Maintaining a clean internal energy environment.
F. Healthy nutrition (80% pure alkaline food and 20% pure acidic food) to normalize the acid-basic balance of the body.
G. Normalization of water exchange by the use of pure water.
H. Hygiene and endoecology.
I. Diagnosis of acid-alkaline balance of organism.

Stage 2. Development of improving abilities for achievement of a healthy state

Spiritual, mental and power purity are necessary conditions of a wave resonance of cages. The stage includes the following useful habits:
a. Reading of spiritual literature, development of spiritual consciousness and spiritual and moral qualities, formation of spiritual ties.
b. Formation of just peaceful good thoughts and desires of spiritual activity.
c. Development of spiritual abilities, formation of peaceful relations in various social conditions.
d. Manifestation of spiritual and moral qualities.
e. Development of abilities of management of vital systems of organism and its normal functioning by physical exercises: charging, physical culture and gymnastics.
f. Healthy nutrition.
g. Development of complex abilities to achieve a healthy state on the basis of the system of cellular self-healing of the organism by improving the quality state of the cells.
h. Frequency and resonance diagnosis of a healthy condition.

Stage 3. Acquisition of skills health of saving for preservation of a healthy state

It includes the following useful habits:
I. Compliance with the rules of daily health preservation.
II. Stabilization of peaceful good relations.
III. Stabilization of normal functioning of vital systems.
IV. Normalizing the social, natural and domestic cycle.
V. Comprehensive stabilization of healthy condition
VI. Complex preservation of physical healthy work of the body.
VII. Frequency and resonance diagnosis of a healthy condition.

Stage 4. Accumulation of experience of a healthy lifestyle for preservation of a healthy state within a year

Accumulation of experience is carried out by skills health of saving in various house, social and natural seasonal conditions (in the spring, in the summer, in the fall and in the winter). Experience includes the following useful habits:
a. Seasonal provision of complete healthy functioning of the body in summer, autumn, winter, spring.
b. Healthy seasonal nutrition.
c. Use of seasonal natural clothing.
d. Comprehensive stabilization of social healthy activities.
e. Accumulation of experience in the formation of a family tradition of healthy lifestyle.
f. Formation of a cultural social tradition of a healthy lifestyle.
g. Periodic frequency resonance diagnosis of a healthy state [15].
h. Accumulation of experience of formation of family tradition of a healthy lifestyle.


Novosibirsk Research Center “ESTESTOVINFORMATIKA” develops practical activities to teach the population a healthy lifestyle and train specialists.
a) Training of lecturers for the KNOWLEDGE society on healthy lifestyle.
b) Work with departments of health saving technologies of universities.
c) Work with health centers and health resort institutions on healthy lifestyle and diagnosis of the condition.
d) Formation of family and cultural social tradition of healthy lifestyle.
e) Training of teachers of physical culture of schools in healthy lifestyle.
Our project in 2012 was included by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation in the library of the best Russian experience in healthy lifestyle.


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