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ISSN: 2641-1725

LOJ Medical Sciences

Clinical Image(ISSN: 2641-1725)

Herpes Zoster Affecting the Lower Extremity in An Older Patient: A Clinical Image Volume 2 - Issue 3

Burak Unal, Yigit Can Ahıska, Nurullah Uslu and Sema Avcı*

  • Amasya University Sabuncuoglu Serefeddin Research and Training Hospital, Turkey

Received: December 03, 2018;   Published: December 14, 2018

*Corresponding author: Sema Avcı, Amasya University Sabuncuoglu Serefeddin Research and Training Hospital, Turkey

DOI: 10.32474/LOJMS.2018.02.00144

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Clinical Image

Herpes zoster is a viral disease which is the reactivated form of varicella zoster virus. Herpes zoster usually characterized by skin eruptions and pain in specific dermatomes [1]. About 50% of lesions of herpes zoster in United States occur elderly patients. The highest incidence of disease is 7th decade of life [2]. Herpes zoster symptoms can mimic sciatalgia or weakness related to spine root compression [1]. A 67-year-old woman admitted with a history of diabetes mellitus and hypertension, presented to emergency department right thigh pain for three days. On examination, patient was afebrile, with stable vital signs. There was a characteristic vesicular rash on the right thigh and also hyperesthesia noted over the right thigh (Figure 1). Any motor deficit was detected in the patient. Any laboratory abnormalities were detected in the patient. The patient was discharged from emergency room after prescribing nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug and oral valacyclovir. Herpes zoster infections are commonly seen in the community. The complications of this infection may vary. We presented in herein a patient mimicking sciatalgia.

Figure 1: Vesicular rashes on the right thigh.



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