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ISSN: 2641-1725

LOJ Medical Sciences

Mini Review(ISSN: 2641-1725)

Penile Traction Therapy Volume 4 - Issue 5

Shady Emara*

  • Senior Clinical Fellow in Urology, East and North Hertforshire Trust, UK

Received: February 06, 2020;   Published: February 12, 2020

*Corresponding author: Shady Emara, Senior Clinical Fellow in Urology, East and North Hertforshire Trust, UK

DOI: 10.32474/LOJMS.2020.04.000196

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The basic principle of cellular mitosis behind the device is a documented response to human tissue to physical traction. Traction force applied upon tissue results in an adaptation reaction at a structural level which there by results in the expansion of the tissues. This principle has successfully been applied for some time for different medical purposes, among which the treatment of skin lesion, long bone growth abnormalities, dupuytren’s contracture. It is possible, therefore, that the two conditions may share a common underlying pathophysiology, and therefore potentially respond to similar treatment modalities. It is well documented that the use of mechanical traction and tissue expansion therapy results in alteration of connective tissue by cellular proliferation and expansion of the extracellular matrix [1].

The Evidence for Penile Traction Therapy| Role of Penile Extenders| The Use of a Vacuum Erectile Device for Penile Length Preservation| Improvement in Penile Curvature| Negligible Side Effects| Conclusion| References|