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ISSN: 2641-1725

LOJ Medical Sciences

Conceptual Paper(ISSN: 2641-1725)

Analyzing Near to Death Experience (NDE) Questions & Answers Corresponding Interview with Prof. Dr. Alejandro Parra, the Author of Book: The Last Farewell Embrace Volume 4 - Issue 4

Samah Khaled Zahran*

  • Personality and social psychologist, Ain Shams University, Egypt

Received: January 24, 2020;   Published: January 31, 2020

*Corresponding author: Samah Khaled Zahran, Personality and social psychologist, Ain Shams University, Egypt

DOI: 10.32474/LOJMS.2020.04.000191

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First of all, congratulations Dr. Parra for your recent book: The Last Farewell Embrace: Spirituality, Near Death Experiences, and Other Extraordinary Events Among Nurses (NOVA, 2019). The book serves as a guide for nurses and physicians to treat patients about to die, by summarizing dozens of such cases. Plus, it acts as a guide also for whom searching to explore impressive stories of extraordinary experiences. Finally, it is the first Spanish book manipulating such topic.
To zoom in to your vision, and briefly introduce your book to our journal readers, I would like to establish this dialogue with you:

Q1: Does WHO Recognize Spiritual Health?| Q2: To What Extent Spiritual Health Affect Mental, Happiness and Physical Status?| Q3: Many Confuse Between Spiritual and Religion, so If We would like to Define the Difference in One Sentence, What Will We Say?| Q4: Are NDE ymptoms’ the Same among All Subjects, Variables Differences; as Age, Gender, Illness Type, etc.?| Q5 How did You Measure Seeing Fields, Lights, and Vapors?| Q6 What is the Difference between Mental Status of Near to Death One and Ill One?| Q7 Which Kinds of Animals may Anticipate Death; Domestic Ones?| Finally, Any Comment Else, you like to Add….|