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ISSN: 2641-6921

Modern Approaches on Material Science

Research Article(ISSN: 2641-6921)

Corrosion of Snails in H2CO3 Medium and Their Protection by Aloe Vera

Volume 1 - Issue 1

Rajesh Kumar Singh*, Veena Kumari and Deepmala

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    • Department of Chemistry, JP University, India

    *Corresponding author: Rajesh Kumar Singh, Department of Chemistry, Jagdam College, JP University, Chapra-841301, India

Received: December 03, 2018;   Published: December 12, 2018

DOI: 10.32474/MAMS.2018.01.000104

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Snails are beautiful creation of nature. They occur in rivers as well as ponds. But these sources of water are contaminated by effluents, pollutants, acid rain, particulates, biological wastes etc. They can change the pH of water. Water is absorber of carbon dioxide and it converts carbon dioxide into carbonic. Other above-mentioned wastes also increase the concentration of H+ ions in water. They produce hostile environment for snails. The outer part of snails is made of CaCO3. It produces chemical reaction in acidic medium and corrosion reaction is accelerated thus deterioration starts on the surface of snails. This medium their survival becomes miserable. For this work corrosion of snails study in the pH values of water is 6.5 in H2CO3 environment. The corrosion rates of snails were calculated by gravimetric methods and potentiostat technique. Aloe Vera was used for corrosion protection in acidic medium. The surface adsorption phenomenon was studied by Lungmuir isotherm. Aloe Vera formed thin surface film on the interface of snails which adhered with chemical bonding. It confirmed by activation energy, heat of adsorption, free energy, enthalpy and entropy. The results of surface coverage area and inhibitors efficiency were indicated that Aloe Vera developed strong protective barrier in acidic medium.

Keywords: Corrosion; Snails; Aloe vera; Carbonic acid; Potentiostat; Thin film formation

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