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Interventions in Gynaecology and Women's Healthcare

Short Communication(ISSN: 2637-4544)

Effects of Occupational Hazards on Mental and Reproductive Health of Women in Nepal

Volume 2 - Issue 5

Pralhad Adhikari*

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    • Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy and Psychology, Tri Chandra Campus, Nepal

    *Corresponding author: Pralhad Adhikari, Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy and Psychology, Tri Chandra Campus, Nepal

Received: September 22, 2018;   Published: September 28, 2018

DOI: 10.32474/IGWHC.2018.02.000147

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Women constitute 51.5 percent of Nepal’s population. Their socioeconomic condition is very backward. Because of forced or early marriage, women are compelled to work as breadwinner of family or worker of household. Some women have obligation to work during pregnancy or immediately after delivery. Since many male cohorts have gone abroad, society resorts to women for labor. Occupational hazards of women are different based on geography, rural-urban environment, ethnicity (or caste) and even religion. Commonest of them are lack of safety devices, sexual harassment, domestic/workplace violence, injuries and occupational diseases. Their effects on psychology are lowered dignity (including self-esteem), trauma, melancholy, depression, early aging and other neurotic disorders. Their effects on reproductive health are sexual deprivation, uterine prolapse, molestation at workplace, marital rape, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), extramarital affairs and polygamy.

Keywords: pregnancy; occupational health psychology; sexual deprivation; Kathmandu

Abstract| Introduction| Effect of Occupational Hazards on Mental Health| Effect of Occupational Hazards on Reproductive Health| Conclusion| References|


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