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Research Article(ISSN: 2641-1652)

Assessment of the Depression‐level effectiveness of the Curse Words in Young Adults in Private Co-Educational Pharmaceutical Instituions in Pune University, India: A Preplanned, Causal‐Pathway‐Based Analysis

Volume 1 - Issue 1

Rahul Hajare*

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    • Department of Health Research Indian Council of Medical Research, New Delhi, India

    *Corresponding author: Rahul Hajare, Department of Health Research Indian Council of Medical Research, Former Associate Professor RD College of Pharmacy Bhor, Post-Doctoral Fellow, New Delhi, India, Email:

Received: May 16, 2018;   Published: May 23, 2018

DOI: 10.32474/CTGH.2018.01.000105

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Depression and substance abuse is on the increase all over the world. The poor and the rich are also involved in this dangerous habit has impact not only on reproductive health but also has impact on family, society, increase in health care expense and increased criminal activity. Health care providers are more concerned with treating the victims and less concerned on its prevention. Pregnant women bear a greater brunt and there is adverse pregnancy outcome. Low birth weight, preterm labor, increased in miscarriage and raised perinatal mortality is some of the adverse effects. Children of such parents are more likely to inherit this bad trait. Children living in abusive homes where drugs and alcohol abuse occur simultaneously are often deprived of more than just the basics of food and shelter. Depression is defined as, “Any act on the part of the husband, partner or family which causes physical, mental, social or psychological trauma to the woman and prevents her from developing her personality.” Reason for the increase in depression violence are; urbanization, industrialization, growth of urban slums, co-education and co-working in offices and factories, modern movies, television, obscene and pornographic literature and decreasing religious restrictions.

Keywords: Cursing; Depression; Anger; Young Adults; Curse Words; Abuse

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