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ISSN: 2637-4595

Latest Trends in Textile and Fashion Designing

Editorial(ISSN: 2637-4595)

Utilization of Forecasting Global Trends in Fashion and its Applications Volume 1 - Issue 3

Elsayed Ahmed Elnashar*

  • Department of Textiles & Apparel, Kafrelsheikh University, Egypt

Received: January 18,2018;   Published: January 30,2018

*Corresponding author: Elsayed Ahmed Elnashar, Department of Textiles & Apparel, Faculty of Specific Education, Kafrelsheikh University, Egypt

DOI: 10.32474/LTTFD.2018.01.000113

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Considering the importance of technology and the human health in the advanced levels and several emergency medical and clinical issues associated with it, the key attention is given towards biomedical research. Thus, asserting the requirement of a common evoked and enriched information sharing platform for the craving readers. And there are sectors where the use of models is very important; in fact they can help in the comprehension of the surroundings and in the discovery of the natural laws in different sciences: textiles Design, Chemistry of textiles, Biology, Genetics of fibers, Physics. Among sectors where this forecasting knowledge modeling can be very interesting, we find the field of fashion, in particular the sphere of trends' valuation.

In this field, stylists and marketing experts study past trends and, according to their experience, formulate a forecasting on trends that will lead the next years’ collection. This study could prove to be very difficult and complicated both for experienced stylists and for small and medium companies that can only count on limited resources and experiences, throw digital publication covering art, design and fashion in cities around the world. Photographed and written through the eyes of two travelers with a passion for storytelling, features creative people, spaces and moments that reflect each destination's distinctive aesthetic.

With a focus on striking editorials, in-depth features and behind the scenes coverage, each issue gives readers an inside peek into the world of wanderlust and artistic exploration. We describe our research activity aimed at investigating if artificial intelligence may be useful to support the stylist in the creative process which starts with the analysis of past fashion trends and ends with the forecasting of the new ones. In particular, we focused our attention on the creation of color proposals made by color stylists for the spun-yarn industries working in the fashion market. Strategic of forecasting for specification of woven fabric design for textiles and apparel; as a steps after a preface about the subject of textiles and apparel its purpose, which is summarized in achieving design of forecasting the specification of textiles and apparel.

Knowledge-based systems are able to solve problems in a limited domain but with performances similar to the ones of a human expert of the same domain. Were defines the theoretical and analytical studies the effective Factor of (utilization) which affect on the fashion and include 16 element with Explaining it in details. These elements are 16 with the international fashion Trends. And how to search on it for the trends and it sources the time for Trends. So, the subject chooses of the fashion trends in suitable time in the international market of the analytical studies for woven design as the main element of fashion dresses and the meaning of the design and it sort. The effect aesthetic resulting of woven design for dresses: texture, draping, transparency, in addition to the style of using (reliability standard) dresses and it relation with woven design on which the utilizes of the fabric properties.

And the analytical studies for forecasting and fashion industry. So, defined some general conception problems and fashion Conception industry. And, explain that is the center of art except fashion, in Addition the concepts of prediction and it sorts which is conceded are of the Most element in fashion industry and the concept of color prediction and the Element of fashion prediction last year of the 20th century and the first decode of 21th century (analytical study).

Dissection support system for fashion and show the benefits of using Database, kind, and its historical development, design stages, techniques, and how to do it and its languages. For this reason, a forecasting system seems suitable to support stylists and industry users in the creation of color proposal based on the analysis of past trends. One problem of such systems is forecasting acquisition because very often it cannot be made manually, e.g. nowadays data mining techniques are widely used from a practical point of view to take advantage of the knowledge contained in databases. And to the effective factor which on the fashion in factors form with style and Tools for assembling data. And know many scientism expression and defied the relatively weight for the effective factors on the fashion.

Dresses and defied the style of questionnaire and statistical. Appearance the produce, applied, and practical experiments of fabrics which According with fashion direction and its reliability stander (style) with review The yarn specification of loom, which it used and analytical to analyze the effective factor (motion international) fashion. With found (standard deviation) forte and his affect Phenomenon. Flowing events, with the effective and positive appearance the producers of design database and the available tools to the applied programming. In spite of all these applications, as we know, computational creativity has never been applied to fashion and in particular to the forecasting of trends for color selection. For this reason we consider the work described in this paper as a first step on the development a real creative system for fashion. As General results and discussion to defines and classifies the effective factors of the fashion Textiles and, tables from database including creative suggestion the relation, so the subject are expression, for produce reports from the external level that arranged for forecasting fashion to definition all relations in fashion Seasonal succession the analytical .

With the analytical detail for new design of database for textile & apparel design. So include the engineering structure and the creative design witch including three levels the internal level, external level, the conceptual level so, transfer that to relation form of tables window for produce reports from the external level and defines and classifies the factor of forming consist of the fashion and, including form and material, so the subject are expression. The Fashion trends, and the means with expression for this trends so after that the guaranteed beyond the including off activity human minds so that representation the formal of the general popular susceptibility and how it boring. So menstruation it after that tackled creative suggestion arranged for Forecasting fashion to definition all relations in fashion dresses and Seasonal succession the analytical studies for color since 20th and 21th till year 2030. And available to prediction by colors for the next year Form the extension natural extension for the graph line and the amount of color cycle according with phenomena flowing events with the effective Factor on the fashion. Throw Presentation of the analytical to the fashion trends which representation seven trends prediction for art trends for color, Fabrics colors models.

    a) The First trend (Technology)

    b) The Second trend (Nostalgia to the past)

    c) The Third trend (Fineness Tidiness)

    d) The Fourth trend (Back to the Neture)

    e) The Fifth trend (Militarily Scinses)

And the scope of color has widened and the color grades within one main color becomes literally thousands due to that, names of colors differed and the color become recognizable by a code or number, but there are multiplicity in Color producing companies and duality in their names and numbering them Regularly. So, there should be a Standardized International system of textile industries, E.g. numbering strings with assumed name. To facilitate exchanging in the International Joint market by means of "internet” and the Like (similar) communications through a color number instead of the form and Shape of color which differs from one's eye to another to determine. This system began working through a database and the name of the color its Number and the color system used for it was recorded.


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