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Review Articl(ISSN: 2637-4595)

Dyeing Properties of Wool Fabrics Dyed with Madder Roots, Chamomiles, Pomegranate Peels and Apple Tree Branches Barks Aqueous Extracts

Volume 3 - Issue 3

Rym Mansour*, Soufien Dhouib and Faouzi Sakli

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    • Unit of Textile research ISET Ksar Hellal, Tunisia

    *Corresponding author: Rym Mansour, Unit of Textile research ISET Ksar Hellal, Tunisia

Received:June 18, 2019;   Published: June 26, 2019

DOI: 10.32474/LTTFD.2018.02.000165

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This paper studies the dyeing properties of wool fabrics dyed with madder roots, chamomiles, pomegranate peels and apple tree branches (obtained after pruning) barks aqueous extracts. We have thoroughly investigated the effects of dye bath pH and mordants on the color properties of the aforementioned fabrics. Even without mordanting the wool fabrics dyed with the pomegranate peel have the highest value of colour strength (K/S=14). Mordanting permits to produce different colors and improve the fastness of a dye especially for madder roots, chamomile and apple tree branches bark. Experimental results show that the fastness properties of dyed wool fabrics range from average to excellent even without mordanting.

Keywords:Extraction; Madder Roots; Chamomiles; Pomegranate Peels; Apple Tree Branches Barks Aqueous; Dyeing

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