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ISSN: 2690-5760

Journal of Clinical & Community Medicine

Short Communication(ISSN: 2690-5760)

The Life Switch© Volume 3 - Issue 5

Master Suely Reis1*, Master Jericia Duarte1 and Master Carina Cardoso2

  • 1Master in Community Nursing, Professor, University of Mindelo, Cape Verde
  • 2Master in Pharmacology, Professor, University of Mindelo, Cape Verde

Received:September 23, 2021;   Published: October 08, 2021

Corresponding author:Master Suely Reis, Master in Community Nursing, Professor at the University of Mindelo, Cape Verde, Africa

DOI: 10.32474/JCCM.2021.03.000174


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The Life Switch is part of the Immune System which is part of the body’s operating system. It is in the mind. Normally the Life Switch is always on. If it is turned off, death soon follows. Why this should happen and whether it can be stopped are the questions asked in this article.

Medical Corruption

Throughout my years of boring, formal education that fortunately ended in 1968, I learned that humans are superior. Our brains are better than all other creatures and the world was created for us. Since I started learning for myself, I find most that I was taught to be nonsense. It hid the great weakness in humansthe mind. We have almost unlimited thinking ability. Compared to animals that can live off the land and creatures in the sea, we are helpless without damaging our environment. That we have succeeded in getting to the stage where life on Earth as we know it may be irreparably changed, is proof of our mental skill and stupidity. The greatest harm is inflicted on ourselves. The mind can cause illness. For the last hundred years or more, medicine has by law been restricted to biochemistry. Amongst those who have followed the development of modern medicine, it is called Rockefeller medicine and sometimes Carnegie medicine after the American robber barons who, having dominated the energy market, saw the opportunity to do the same with healthcare. All medical education had to be done according to the supply of pharmaceuticals and they sponsored the medical schools and propped up the politicians. To this day, the 1939 Cancer Act in Britain requires that only chemotherapy and radiation be used to treat cancer. The law is policed aggressively by the Advertising Standards Agency (who have no legal power, but they think they have) and all doctors are trained according to regulations. When they get to work for the National Health Service, they have to follow rules and any departure results in a court case run by the British Medical Council (as prosecutor, judge and jury). A doctor convicted by them can be barred from working anywhere in the world. There is a misconception that the British know best. Countless charities are taking money from an ignorant, well-meaning public on the pretext of seeking a cure for cancer. As the research, if there is any, consists of peering at cells through a microscope there is no chance of seeing the voltage across the cell membrane. The distinguishing feature of cancer has been outlawed ever since Rife, Nordenström and others explained it all to the world and suffered personally for their trouble.

Find It Before They Know They Have It

Of the many illnesses that afflict us, cancer is the one that kills. CellSonic has discovered how to stop it and can do so in a person and in a population. To diagnose and cure cancer is a twenty-minute procedure. Everyone should be checked twice a year for the rest of their life to find any cancer before they know they have it. The plan is to not tell them that what was found was cancer lest it worries them. Stress is almost always the cause of cancer. I have found in conversation with cancer patients that there was a time some years earlier when they were stressed (Figure 1). That would have been when mutant cells were not intercepted by the immune system and allowed to replicate until over the years they became a big enough lump to hurt. By the time they go to the local doctor seeking a cure to the pain, the anxiety of previous years may be long past and overcome but the immune system remains detached from its main role of protecting the person.

Figure 1: The range of emotions from excitement to depression.


The power of the mind

It is essential to probe a cancer patient’s history to ensure that the circumstances have changed otherwise what allowed mutations to form in the first place could re-occur. One therapist told me that when she talks to patients if they do not end up in tears, she knows she has not delved deep enough. The power of the mind to cause selfhealing is amazing. It is taught by Ayurvedic medicine, popular in India and classed as idiotic in Britain. Many other healers can guide the mind and bring about healing. The Establishment’s standard explanation for such “miracles” is that there was a misdiagnosis in the first place; if it was healed without a drug, it was not a disease. Here is a diagram of the range of emotions from excitement to depression. I am not aware of any other creature with such a range. It makes us fragile and requires self-control, tolerance and support from others. Often, we harm each other mentally. Normal is in the middle of the range from the high of excitement to the depth of depression. Few of us can stay in the normal state all the time. We move up and down, that is normal. We worry about catching the bus on time. Hearing our favourite music makes us happy. Getting excited is fine and drives us on. Getting depressed is serious. Worry turns into anxiety and a permanent state of gloom takes over called depression.

Note the arrows left and right. Upwards from normal, healing is possible. Below normal, healing does not take place. An establishment doctor will prescribe anti-depressant medicine. It will not correct the depression. It shuts down part of the brain, the part that runs the spectrum of emotions from high to low. The patient may not be depressed, and neither will they be happy. The drug removes part of the brain. Worse than that, the brain damage can be permanent. When questioned, the doctor is taught to explain that the patient was not responding well to the approved treatment. Depression cannot be resolved with drugs. They have important but limited benefits. There are only three pharmaceuticals: vaccines, anti-biotics and anaesthetics. Everything else that the pharmacists make does not work despite their claims and many medical papers. Research is never done for free. It is always paid for by the drug maker so that the result always favours the sponsor. That is corruption. The only way to help a depressed patient is talking. Find out what worries them. They are suppressing something. Eventually, an empathetic therapist will be trusted and find the cause. There may be tears. This is emotion. The same excitement that leads to creativity, at the opposite end of the scale blocks healing. By blocking healing, we mean the immune system failing to carry out repairs which it normally does every night during sleep. There is no drug that will remove that block. Only the person themselves can do it and if they do not want to, their Life Switch is turned off. They can die.

A doctor’s job is to prevent avoidable death. Therefore, understanding the mind is part of a doctor’s job. Unfortunately, doctors have little to no knowledge of emotional healing and few have the empathetic temperament to deal with it. In Britain, a doctor gets ten minutes to deal with each patient. When I am asked to consult with a cancer patient online, the conversation seldom lasts less than an hour. Their fear is alleviated. They ask me what is going to happen. The voltage correction of their cancer cells is done by the machine within two minutes. Repairing the damage caused by the cancer and, usually, chemotherapy and radiation, may take months. Correct diet and exercise are essential and also love. Many times, I tell the couple (the patient is always accompanied) to enjoy a kiss. The kiss is medicine. I am sure they think I am daft or kinky until they realise I am serious. This is how humans behave. We are not solitary beings. Emotional support is essential throughout life from our first cry at birth. From mother to friends and spouse, we are emotionally dependent. The kiss is reassurance. It may be a touch on the arm. It says, I love you. When doctors start treating patients as humans and not nuisances during a hectic day, more healing without side effects will be achieved.

Love, Not Fear

The breakdown in relationships that are the most difficult to repair are between a parent and child and from my experience it is the parent that suffers most. All upsets are due to fractures in relationships. Fall out with members of a club and you leave the club. It is upsetting and you get over it. Same problem at work and you get another job. As serious as these upsets are, you still want to live. When your child hates you, you are in a state of depression from which you cannot escape and, worse, see only death as the way out. That is switching off the Life Switch. This is not the same as suicide or euthanasia. There is a ten-minute period in the crisis of suicide in which a person will kill themselves. If they can be prevented and protected during those critical minutes, they will survive and as they recover they will be forever grateful to their Samaritan. Euthanasia is allowed when it is certain that there is no cure for the illness causing unbearable pain. Now that CellSonic using biophysics can cure most of what cannot be done with biochemistry and surgery, euthanasia need not be an option. It is a legal requirement for euthanasia that the person be of sound mind. Therefore, that person should be allowed to get a Cell Sonic treatment. In most cases, cancer is the illness their jurisdiction allows to persist. The parent tormented by their child is blaming themselves. To restore their confidence is very difficult and in some cases impossible. We know that physically, the person could live. They had no illness and no cancer; of that we were sure. But the person had given up. They had failed and so, we felt, had we.

Three cases come to mind. One was a lady forever mentally attacked by her sister. Despite moving from Britain to Turkey, she could not escape the torment. Although we knew that dealing with the verbally abusive sister was the solution, we could not interfere beyond the patient even when the sister came to the clinic to shout and rant that it was she who was paying for the treatment. It looked to us that our patient was glad to die. She had no physical illness and no brain damage. She had switched her Life Switch off.

Another woman had argued with her daughter for many years. She developed breast cancer and we cured that but still she would not eat or drink. Force feeding by a tube into the stomach was an option but not permitted in that jurisdiction (law makers and lawyers) and we were sure that if the daughter could have come to her mother to patch up their quarrels, the mother would have lived. As far as we could tell, the daughter was pleased to know her mother was dying. Further investigation found a family history of upbringing by fear, not love, with obedience to a religious sect that had no tolerance. It went back four generations. An interesting case was in Pakistan of a highly educated man who had lectured on medicine in England and had prostate cancer. His son was a doctor and cured his father every day with a CellSonic machine and the next morning, in the words of the son, the father switched the cancer back on by worrying. A spiritual healer in Turkey worked on the father and two weeks later the old man was cured and talking excitedly with his daughter. How the spiritual method works, I do not know but it did and that is a fact. The spiritualist said he had nuns working in the man’s mind. Then I heard that the man’s daughter had gone to Pakistan and was having amazing conversations with her father. What was said and what was meant by amazing, I do not know but again it was a childparent relationship and this time the man was healed. I was sent a photograph of him smiling, smoking and sitting in the sunshine under electricity pylons. You can imagine what I had to say about that.

Eva Detko

Dr Eva Detko is a first-class therapist who explains that a child can be born stressed. If the mother is stressed during pregnancy, that child is born with the mother’s stress and to the child, stress is normal. The result is that the child is permanently ill because the immune system does not operate in a depressed person. Dr Detko’s therapeutic methods are the only feasible solution. An equally enlightened doctor is Dr Bernie Siegel who found that setting the mind on an even keel worked better than the scalpel he used in surgery. He tells of a cancer patient who had been told there was no hope and to go home to die. That patient decided to do all the gardening before he died and not leave the chore to his wife. Twenty years later, he was still working on his garden and was so busy he had not had time to die.


Delving into a person’s history to save them from illness is the same as finding why a criminal is a criminal. The brain is the hardware and the mind is the software. Run the wrong program and there is trouble. It is not as simple as re-programming a computer. History has to be replaced with a version that shows the person as a victim who can be successful without the burden they inherited. Blame the parents and you have to look at the parents of the parents and so it goes back. Lancing that inherited mental poison is essential. It can be done. No drug or machine can do it. The strong must help the weak and they too will become strong.