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ISSN: 2690-5760

Journal of Clinical & Community Medicine

Opinion(ISSN: 2690-5760)

Patient-Consumer and Medications Volume 5 - Issue 1

Prof Joel Charles Snell*

  • Emeritus, Behavioral Methodologies, Kirkwood College, Cedar Rapids, Lowa

Received:January 09, 2022;   Published: January 23, 2023

Corresponding author: Prof Joel Charles Snell, Emeritus, Behavioral Methodologies, Kirkwood College, Cedar Rapids, Lowa

DOI: 10.32474/JCCM.2023.05.000205


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One of the first contacts that a patient-consumer may make is to look within their residence for an over the counter medicine. The author suggests a world of difference between medications and their impact on the consumer patient. This article will provide a continuum of medications that begin with the placebo and end with a generic med of high efficacy [1].


Briefly, pills come in caplets or tablets. Most have been screened to indicate whether the pill has been attractive or off-putting to the potential patient. Research institutes do the work on the appearance as well as commercial appeal [2]. They are:


This pill must appear imposing to get the consumer to believe the appearance of authenticity. The substance is non-invasive. On the positive side it is excellent when experimental research is involved. The placebo goes to the control group. On the negative side, placebos can be sold for high profit margin bogus drugs. It is not tested and is given testimonial support from a famous person or a believable person. The placebo effect is that the phony substance can trigger endorphins so that the pill appears effective. It can also be used on hypochondriacs. It may not be evaluated by the FDA [3].

Generic drug

This medication generally does not have much in it. It is not advertised. Over the years, there are people who believe in it and continue to use it. The price is reasonable, and the placebo effect generally covers whatever the drug promises. It is not evaluated by the FDA.

New & improved drug

A small amount of caffeine and or other over the counter substance is added. It is not cleared by the FDA. The drug is not much better than the original that has been approved by the FDA.

The original FDA drug

This is usually sold on a prescription basis. It has endured the stringent FDA research. There are still subjective components in the research if the person indicates that they “feel” better. That is ordinal rank at best. Viable healing may garner interval or ratio measurement.

The discounted Drug

The patent has run its course. Thus the price is reduced. This is the best of all worlds. The patient consumer gets the real impact for a drug that has provided evidence over the years that it is viable. Other competitors await the end of the patent and fight for price. The medication may be used for other maladies. The research continues. Without hard evidence, a patient would rather take a pill rather than an injection or surgery.


Taking a pill can be a vastly complicated action when one takes into account all the strata (twists and turns) for a real effective med to make it to market.


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