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Journal of Clinical & Community Medicine

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Psychopathological Research by Children, Teenagers and Great Adolescents with Dysharmonic Features of the Personality’s Spectrum of Entangled Borderline with Dissocial Comportment Leading to Transgressive Acts, Sometimes in an Antisocial Register Volume 1 - Issue 4

Hugues Scharbach*

  • Ph D Paris’ University, Neuro Psychiatrist, Pedo-Psychiatrist, Psychiatre des Hôpitaux, Doctor of Psychology, France

Received: January 20, 2020   Published: February 12, 2020

Corresponding author: Hugues Scharbach, Ph.D. Paris’ University, Neuro Psychiatrist, Pedo-Psychiatrist, Psychiatre des Hôpitaux, Doctor of Psychology, France


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This clinical and psychopathological research is conducted after 40 years of experience in pedo- psychiatric practice, notably in institutional care and as a judicial and administrative expert. In a changing society, even in mutation, both in socio-familial and economical and technological fields, the conditions of exchange, the aim or even the sense of the work- also although human relationships, existential modalities - can cause stumbling blocks on the construction or building of identity .

The children, the teenagers, the great adolescents are confronted with new ethical and deontological standards and benchmarks, attractive requests, while they are at the age of experiences, even adventures, in case of failures of the symbolic and poverty of the imaginary. So this way, they can be brought to inappropriately rushing into real through actions sometimes incongruous, transgressive, even deviant, sometimes deadly, all the more so as the latency phase has shrunk a lot, or even faded and that the pubertal period no longer takes place under the same conditions of naive quest. Disarray, like the dazzling test of discovery can be expressed in reckless taking of risks like the emptiness of feelings, the weak ideational development can provoke negations in activities of substitute stimulation, like the game or the effects of use of toxics. Sometimes, acts of gratuitous violence can take place, especially in disadvantaged urban areas.

Keywords: Dysharmonic Personality; Antisocial Acting; Transgressive Act; Deviant Behavior; Psychopathologic Analysis; Therapeutic Means; Forensic Expertise; Contemporary Psychological Morbidity; The Various Pathogenic Factors; Social Incidence Technological Changes; New Conditions For Evolutionary Maturation; Increase Of Dysharmonic Personalities; Aggresssion Or Violence; Allied Borderline Sociopathic Addictif ‘s Features; Therapeutic Project and Means

Summary| Introduction| The Mutation of the Society; Distortions of the Familial and Social links; the New Existential Paths| The different Factors of Social Evolution; The Transgenerational Incidence, The New Shape of Behavioral Disorders| Symptomatic Expression of Borderline states and Aspects of Sociopathic Tendency| Therapeutically Approach: The various Means of Care and Rehabilitation| Conclusion| References|