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ISSN: 2690-5760

Journal of Clinical & Community Medicine

Opinion(ISSN: 2690-5760)

Mitochondrial tRNAleu(UUR) gene A3245G Mutation in Type 2 Diabetes Volume 2 - Issue 4

Maryam Wahid*

  • Head of Biochemistry Department, Foundation University Islamabad, Pakistan

Received:October 27, 2020   Published: November 04, 2020

Corresponding author:Maryam Wahid, MBBS, M Phil, PhD, Head of Biochemistry Department, Foundation University Islamabad, Pakistan

DOI: 10.32474/JCCM.2020.02.000141


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A dwarfish thief today, diabetes, is a hazard that troubles the society, thriving every single moment. The time is not far away when it arises as a wicked giant, seizing the world in the deadly grasps and becoming a severe challenge for physicians everywhere. Diabetes Mellitus (DM), a commonly occurring, multifactorial disorder, has affected around 10% of the population in Western countries and Japan. The pandemic frequency of DM is continuously cropping up. Increased prevalence of DM has been observed in Asian region. As per one report published in 2013, 36 % of diabetic population is from Asian countries.

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