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ISSN: 2637-4668

Trends in Civil Engineering and its Architecture

Research Article(ISSN: 2637-4668)

Expected Seismic Risk in a District of the Sant’antimo’s Historical Centre

Volume 2 - Issue 1

Antonio Formisano1* and Nicola Chieffo2

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    • 1Department of Structures for Engineering and Architecture, University of Naples “Federico II”, Italy
    • 2Faculty of Architecture, Politehnica University of Timişoara, Romania

    *Corresponding author: Antonio Formisano, Department of Structures for Engineering and Architecture, University of Naples “Federico II”, Italy

Received: April 17, 2018;   Published: April 26, 2018

DOI: 10.32474/TCEIA.2018.02.000130

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The current study focuses on a sub-urban sector of the historical centre of Sant’Antimo, placed in the province of Naples (Italy), in order to estimate the expected damage scenario due to earthquakes by using a probabilistic approach. First, aiming at performing an exposure analysis, the typological and structural characterization of buildings within the urban sector has been done with the purpose to redact the CARTIS form, which was developed by the PLINIVS research centre in cooperation with the Italian Civil Protection Department in the framework of the ReLUIS research project. Subsequently, the vulnerability form developed by the first Author has been used for the vulnerability assessment of the study area. Furthermore, the typological fragility curves, according to the EMS-98 scale, have been derived for the building stocks located in the sub-urban sector. Finally, the probabilistic approach for the urban risk evaluation has been applied in order to derive the damage scenario for a set of different magnitudes and site-source distances.

Keywords: Seismic risk assessment; CARTIS form; Damage scenarios; Fragility curves; Probabilistic method

Abbrevations:> E: Exposure; V: Vulnerability; H: Hazard; DSHA: Deterministic Seismic Hazard Analysis; DPM: Damage Probability Matrices; UNDRO: United Nations Disaster Relief Co-ordinator

Abstract| Literature Review| Seismic Vulnerability and Fragility Analyses| Conclusion| References|