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Research Article(ISSN: 2638-5945)

The Incidence of Epithelial Ovarian Cancer in Reproductive Age women in Ukraine and Ukraine’s Neighbour Countries?

Volume 3 - Issue 4

Tsip NP1*, Fedorenko ZP1, Sumkina OV1 and Lyzogub MV2

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    • 1National Cancer Institute, Ukraine
    • 2Bogomolets National Medical University, Ukraine

    *Corresponding author: Tsip NP, National Cancer Institute, Kyiv, Ukraine

Received: April 20, 2020;   Published: May 15, 2020

DOI: 10.32474/OAJOM.2020.03.000170

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A considerable variation of the incidence of ovarian cancer (OC) is observed around the world with the highest rate being registered in Central and Eastern Europe.

The aim of this work was to analyze the incidence of EOC in reproductive age women in Ukraine and Ukraine’s neighbour countries.

Materials and methods: Two sources were used for cancer incidence data reported in this article: National Cancer Registry of Ukraine and GLOBOCAN data

Results: In Ukraine reproductive age patients constituted 8,05% and epithelial ovarian cancer accounted for 6.47%. In Ukraine’s neighbours, the highest rates of reproductive age patients were registered in Moldova (17,78%), Belarus (10,99%) and Russian Federation (9,67%). In reproductive age group epithelial ovarian cancer constituted 80,35%, with most cases in 35-39 years old. I-II stage EOC were registered in 35,4% patients. 91,6% of childhood female cancer survivors in Ukraine underwent ovarian cancer treatment.

Conclusion: In Ukraine’s neighbours ovarian cancer in women younger than 40 years varies from 5,67% to 17,78% (61-1347 new cases per year); In Ukraine patients younger 40 y.o. with epithelial ovarian cancer account 6.47% of the newly diagnosed ovarian cancer; In Ukraine 91,6% of female childhood cancer survivors underwent ovarian cancer treatment.

Keywords: Epithelial Ovarian Cancer; Reproductive Age; Childhood Survivors; Epidemiology

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