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ISSN: 2690-5752

Journal of Anthropological and Archaeological Sciences

Opinion(ISSN: 2690-5752)

Sexuality and Corona Virus Pandemic Volume 3 - Issue 4

Gunther Balarezo López*

  • Sociologist, MPH, PhD, Peruvian University of Applied Sciences, Peru

Received: January 28, 2021   Published: February 09, 2021

Corresponding author:Gunther Balarezo López, Sociologist, MPH, PhD, Peruvian University of Applied Sciences, Peru

DOI: 10.32474/JAAS.2021.03.000167


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During the corona virus pandemic, news, reports, interviews, opinions, etc. They have been more related to the medical, social and economic aspects of the disease, leaving aside an expression that is important in the lives of human beings: sexuality, whose forms of manifestation such as sexual attraction, fidelity, marriage, even expressions of affection and tenderness, kisses and sexual relations have been affected by social confinement.
In this sense, it would be necessary to differentiate two large groups of people during this pandemic: those who have a partner and those who do not. In the first group, these people can live alone with their partner and / or with other family members (children, parents, grandparents, etc.) and the aspects related to sexuality would refer to:

a. Despite the fact that kisses are the first expression of affection and love, these are prohibited, unless it is completely sure that both members of the couple are healthy, which is difficult to verify because they can be asymptomatic; If the couple does not feel well, it is better to avoid these types of expressions. The kiss is considered the preamble to excitement to later have a sexual relationship and is often accompanied by caresses: that is why it is said the kiss is given above ... but felt below. The couple must create new forms of excitement such as foreplay.

b. As for hugs, it is recommended to do it quickly and during the same use a mask, which is outdoors, avoid touching the body or clothing of the other person with the face or with the mask, point the faces in directions opposites and do not speak or cough. After the hug, step back so as not to breathe into the other’s face, wash your hands well, and try not to cry, because tears and excess fluid flowing from the nose increase the risk of coming into contact with more fluids than they have the virus.

c. You should not have face-to-face sexual practices (unless you are both healthy) and, if possible, use masks during sex. In this sense, it is recommended that the sexual positions that adopt them are following this recommendation. For example, do not practice the missionary position and if others like that of the puppy, spoon, etc. The creativity that the couple may have is important, for which they can also turn to books, magazines or the internet to find out about other positions. You can also practice mutual masturbation, an activity considered the safest during this time of pandemic.

d. If the couple lives with other relatives, the times and spaces to be able to have privacy can be difficult. In these cases, the couple must be careful not to be discovered ‘red-handed’ or ‘red-handed’, because this could result in the shame they may feel and no longer try to have moments of ‘privacy’; and the case were that a son discovered them, create a possible trauma. If the couple lives alone, there would be no problem in practicing their sexuality.

e. This time of quarantine is also an opportunity for couples to make their sexual fantasies come true to get out of the routine and motivate each other. In these cases, costumes, sex toys, videos, etc., are welcome.

The other group is made up of those who do not have a partner, and would have the following characteristics:

a. They can resort to cybersex (sex through social networks) or sexting (messages through the cell phone) as a way to stay sexually active, where you can exchange sexual fantasies with others and make your wishes come true of what you would like to do and what you want. I would like to be done.
b. You can use magazines, pornographic videos, photos, etc. as a form of sexual arousal.
c. After a hard day at work, masturbation is advisable because it is proven to be a relaxation technique, especially before sleeping. Also, it is a way of knowing yourself and making some fantasies come true.
d. Sex toys can be an important part of sexuality, by facilitating arousal and orgasm.

Likewise, this pandemic also brings with it some consequences during quarantine, especially for couples:

a. Due to the lack of a contraceptive method, unwanted pregnancies can occur. The difficulty of accessing them at this time is due to the fact that health services do not attend outpatient consultations and that they are more dedicated to attending to coronavirus cases. Added to this is the cost of methods that can limit your access.

b. Confinement makes members of a family spend more time together, which can be used to commit sexual abuse, especially with minors. Abusers are commonly known to be members of or close to the family.

c. During the quarantine period, the possibility of one or more family members suffering from physical, psychological and / or sexual violence increases. According to statistics, the most vulnerable people are children and their partner. In the latter case, acts of violence are not reported due to economic and emotional dependency. In the case of children, adults usually always retaliate with the weakest member. This creates a vicious cycle from which it is difficult to break out. During the mandatory quarantine, in Peru there were 24 femicides, with the victims between 24 and 48 years of age, the ex-partners being the femicides; there have been 7 thousand cases of violence in the home and more than 14 thousand calls denouncing the abuse of children and adolescents; 422 girls were raped in this period.

d. It is said that the best way to get to know a person is by living with them. During this pandemic, couples have had the opportunity to get to know each other more and many of them have identified aspects of their partner that they did not know and that they do not like. Also, the chances of fights and arguments are increased by the quarantine. These disagreements can end in divorces.
e. The uncertainty and stress that this pandemic generates affects people’s moods and consequently increases or decreases the desire to have sex, since if there are concerns involved, the last thing you think about is sex, despite the fact that the practice of this activity is known to de-stress.

Also, to avoid becoming infected with the coronavirus, some recommendations that should be taken into account with respect to sexual relations are:

a. Wash hands and sex toys thoroughly before and after masturbation and sexual intercourse.
b. Clean the area where sexual intercourse took place with soap or alcohol-soaked cloths.
c. Preferably use oral protectors during oral sex and condoms in anal sex.
d. Do not have sexual relations with people who do not live with you and less with strangers; better schedule virtual appointments.
e. If the couple has risk diseases (cancer, diabetes, obesity, etc.), avoid having sex until it is verified that they are not infected.

Until now, it has been determined that the virus is present in semen and vaginal fluids, but it has not yet been possible to determine whether the coronavirus can be transmitted sexually. What is proven is that it can be transmitted by kisses through saliva, so it is necessary to avoid them.
Finally, if you want to have a healthy and responsible sexual life, you have to inform yourself and have an open and sincere dialogue with your partner, in that way you can fully enjoy sexuality, because sexual relations are not only to reproduce, but also to obtain pleasure and satisfaction.