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Journal of Anthropological and Archaeological Sciences

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Some Remarks about the Influences of Astronomical Phenomena on Islamic Architecture “Analytical and Applied Study on Selected Religious Architectural Models in Cairo” Volume 2 - Issue 1

Ghadeer Dardier Afify Khalifa*

  • Islamic Department, Faculty of Archaeology, Fayoum University, Egypt

Received: February 12, 2020   Published: May 26, 2020

Corresponding author: Ghadeer Dardier Afify Khalifa, Associate Professor, Islamic Department, Faculty of Archaeology, Fayoum University, Egypt


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In researching for areas of Islamic architecture and Heritage structures, it can be noticed that they included numbers of scientific applied manifestations and astronomical phenomena. One of these architectural manifestations is the astronomical phenomena that have not been discussed deeply and have not been concentrated and strongly investigated by researchers . This study seeks to discuss the extent of effect of astronomical phenomena on Islamic architecture that include a vast layout of architectural styles and structural designs which were varied from one structure to other building through the different Islamic ages. The main Islamic architectural models include religious, funeral, civil, urban and military architectures such as Mosques, Mausoleums, Khanqahs, Zawiyas, Madrassas, Palaces, Turrets or Towers, Castles and Fortresses, in addition to domestic architecture that includes the public baths or the so-called Hammams, Fountains, Sabils and Kuttabs. For all these architectural models and structural designs of buildings, the Islamic and Heritage styles of architecture created and developed precious astronomical techniques, which were necessary to construct these architectures. But due to the wide content of the idea of this study, the topic will be limited on the influences of astronomical phenomena on Islamic architecture, analytical and applied study on selected religious architectural models in Cairo. The methodology of this study will be addressed through analytical study of the notable aspects of the extent of effect of astronomical phenomena on some selected religious architectural models in Cairo, this will be through an analytical study and discussion on the manifestations of astronomical phenomena that have been used in Islamic architecture through hypothetical issues and theoretical opinions, revolving around this case of astronomical phenomena emerged and prevailed in these architectural Islamic buildings.

Keywords: Influences; Astronomy; Astrology; Astronomers; Astronomical Phenomena; Celestial Objects; Islamic Architecture; Cairo

Abstract| Introduction| The Methodology, Structure and Questions for Discussion| Analytical and Applied study of the Influences of Astronomical Phenomena on Islamic Architecture| Applied study on selected models of Islamic religious architecture in Cairo| Conclusion and Analysis of the Study| Results of the Study| Endnotes| References|