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ISSN: 2644-1373

LOJ Pharmacology & Clinical Research

Research Article(ISSN: 2644-1373)

Cardiovascular Risk Factors in the Population of Jamapa

Volume 1 - Issue 5

María Dora Portilla Cárdenas1, Roberto E Castañeda Hernández1, Laura M Bolívar Duarte1, Adhali Rodriguez Ruiz1, Mara Elisa Salazar Calderón2, Alfonso Alexander Aguilera1 and Rosa Amelia Deschamps Lago1*

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    • 1Facultad de Bioanálisis, Universidad Veracruzana, Mexico
    • 2Facultad de Medicina Veterinaria y Zootecnia, Universidad Veracruzana, Mexico

    *Corresponding author: Rosa Amelia Deschamps Lago, Facultad de Bioanalisis, Universidad Veracruzana, Mexico

Received: February 02, 2020;   Published: February 20, 2020

DOI: 10.32474/LOJPCR.2020.01.000125

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Introduction: Cardiovascular diseases are a group of pathologies that affect the heart and blood vessels. They represent the leading cause of death in the world and also in Mexico. Timely identification of risk factors for these diseases is important because it allows for better guidance on activities carried out by health authorities to reduce the number of avoidable deaths. Numerous studies have been conducted in this regard, however, most of them have focused on large urban communities, which makes necessary to cover otear type of populations.

Objective: To identify the presence of cardiovascular risk factors (CRF) in the population of Jamapa, Veracruz, Mexico. Material and Methods: A descriptive and cross-sectional study was conducted in 81 patients of both genders, aged 20 years or older. Glycemia, lipid profile, insulinemia and anthropometric variables were measured, insulin resistance using the HOMA-IR index was estimated and a survey was applied to register history of cardiovascular disease and lifestyle.

Results: The CRF found were overweight/obesity (74.07%), sedentaryism (74.07%), abdominal obesity (55.56%) significantly higher in women χ2(p<0.05), hypertriglyceridemia (50.6%), hypercholesterolemia (48.14%), decreased levels of c-HDL (42.00%), diabetics (38.27%) and hypertensive (34.57%). 100% of patients had at least one cardiovascular risk factor, and a maximum of nine risk factors were found in 2.5% of the total population.

Conclusion: A high prevalence of cardiovascular risk factors was observed in the population studied, and a high tendency to associate among them, denoting the need to develop strategies to address health problems in these communities.

Keywords: Cardiovascular diseases; Frequency; Risk factors; Jamapa; Veracruz

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