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LOJ Immunology  & Infectious Disease

Research Article(ISSN: 2637-4692)

Is There any Type of Affiliation between Falooda Ice Cream Loving and Urine pH? Volume 1 - Issue 2

Muhammad Imran Qadir and Zubair Saleem*

  • Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan, Pakistan

Received:August 28, 2019;   Published:September 03, 2019

Corresponding author:Zubair Saleem, Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan, Pakistan


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Urine pH measured the alkalinity or acidity levels of urine if value of urine pH is less than 7 it may be considered acid if value of urine pH is more than 7 then it considered alkanity. Urine pH levels is directly linked with the diets such as eating citrus fruits and legumes cause high levels of urine pH. There are some drugs available that treat urinary infection such as kanamycin and neomycin. Falooda ice cream contains healthy ingredients but overeating it can cause abnormal levels of urine pH. Falooda ice cream has many health benefits such as gives energy to the body and maintains glucose level.

Keywords: Kanamycin; Pulmonary Ventilation; Ice cream; Sabja and Semeia Seeds; Urinary Tract Infection


urine pH is defined as the measurement of alkalinity or acidity of urine and ranges from 1 to 14 [1]. p stands for power and H for hydrogen means measurement of concentration of hydrogen ion in the body. If value of pH is 7 then it is neutral below 7 it considered acidic and above 7 it considered basic. Person with high value or range of urine pH is more alkaline so it causes urinary tract infections and kidney stones [2-3]. Kidney take blood from the body in which uric acid and other harmful waste are present after filtering send it into urine and it leave your body. If there is too much uric acid in urine it can cause formation of crystal in joints and this leads to painful problem called gout [4]. People who eat citrus fruits, legumes, and vegetables have high level urine pH. Bacteria in our body play an important role they protect us from infection, some bacteria are harmful for us because they are responsible for urinary tract infection, they split urea into ammonia and make urine more alkaline. Renal stone formation is connected to urine pH. There are some medications and diets are available that change the PH of urine because these medications prevent formation of kidney stones. Some drugs such as streptomycin, kanamycin and neomycin are available that treat urinary tract infections [5]. During sleeping pulmonary ventilation decreased which causes respiratory acidosis, so first waking urine is more acidic. People who eat diets rich in cranberry juice and meat have urine acidic. PH test paper measures alkaline acid condition of urine. If reading is below 7 it is acidic if reading is on higher scale it will be alkaline. Urine pH is related with diets so by eating proper diets one can maintains urine pH. Falooda ice cream is a refreshing chilled drink or dish which is pleasing to both brain and body [6]. Falooda ice cream is famous in India and Pakistan due to its cooling properties. Ingredients that makes tasty and yummy to the falooda ice cream are cream, basil seeds, semeia, dry fruits, falooda and dairy products. Due to its cooling properties people like it during summer days when sun burns everything. The preparation is very easy. Boiled milk, soaked sabja seeds and semiya. Add milk, rooh afza, cream, dry fruits in blender and blend them for 5 to 10 minutes. Then pour this blended mixture into tall glass then add pineapple chunks, sugar syrup, jelly and served it immediately. Falooda ice cream provides energy because milk is present in it and it is source of vitamins and minerals. Mostly people do not like it because it contains too much sugar which cause heart attack and other diseases and high blood pressure. The people who want to get energy should drink or eat it 3 to 4 times per week [7]. Due to presence of sabja seeds it is very useful for skin and health. People with high levels of sugar should not eat falooda ice cream because there is lot of glucose or sugar in it. People also served it to the guest during summer because everyone wants to drink or eat it in the hot days. The objective of present study was to correlate the falooda ice cream loving with urine pH.

Materials and Methods

Gloves, strip, container, fresh urine sample and labelling chart are the following materials that are required during the urine tests. First take a sample of urine into container and container should be clean then hold a strip and dipped it into urine for 1 to 2 seconds until colour of strip will change than before. Picked up the labelling chart and matched it with the colour of strip it will tell the value of pH. whether pH. of urine above 7 or below 7. If value of pH. equal to 7 then it will be neutral [8].

Project Design

For checking the effects of falooda ice cream on the urine pH we designed this project. Near about one hundred students who had completed this survey and give the opinions about the falooda ice cream. These subjects were undergraduate and belonged to the university of Multan Bahauddin Zakariya [9]. Some students said, that falooda ice cream is a light food by eating it during summer one can keep the mind and body cool. But there were a few students who are not agreed about the benefits of falooda ice cream. They said, falooda ice cream is a fatty food and has high levels of sugar due to which it may be harmful for health by eating too much. This table shows urine pH level of males and females who are falooda ice cream loving so Males having value of pH 5are 0% and other Males having value of pH 6, 7, 8, 15%, 6%, and 3% respectively. Similarly, females who have values of pH5 in their urine are 4%. those females having values 6, 7, 8, are 24%, 8%, 4% respectively (Table 1). This table shows the values of males and females who do not love the falooda ice cream. Males which have value of pH. 5 in their urine are just 2% and other those have value 6, 7, 8 and are 3%, 4%, 2% and respectively. And females with value of 5 pH. are also 4%. Similarly, those females who have value of pH. 6, 7, 8, are 19%, 1% and 1% respectively (Table 2).

Table 1: Affiliation of Urine pH to the people who love falooda Ice cream.


Table 2: Affiliation of Urine pH to the people who do not love falooda Ice Cream.



This was concluded that there is no affiliation between falooda ice cream loving and urine pH.


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