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Neural Mechanisms and Causes of Non-Traumatic and Non- Pathological Strabismus. Comparison of Vision Therapy Programmes - A Systematic Review

by Spiros Dielas OD

Abstract: Abstract Purpose: This study’s aim is to explore the various neural mechanisms and possible causes of strabismus, review vision therapy programmes suggested by different authors and observe potential variations of the aforementioned programmes in adults and children. Methods: A search was conducted using various scientific databases and other sources. The risk of bias of the included articles was evaluated using the SYRCLE for animal studies, the ROBINS-I and the JBI tool for case reports. Results: The search showed a total number of 28789 articles. After excluding irrelevant to this research articles, the final reviewed studies are 34. Conclusion: Strabismus alters various brain areas the neural synapses and connections of which are affected. Numerous vision therapy procedures are recommended by the referenced authors while different programmes are applied in children and adults

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